FSB Kills Wahhabi “Caucasus Emirate” Leader in Dagestan


August 12th, 2015

TVZvezda – translated by Soviet Bear

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Magomed Suleimanov –
the leader of the terrorist organization “Caucasus Emirate” was found
among the militants killed in a special operation in Dagestan. This was reported
by RIA Novosti citing a source in law enforcement of the republic.

“In the course
of a special operation during the CTO (Counter-Terrorist Operation) four
militants were eliminated.  The
ringleader of “Caucasus Emirate” Magomed Suleimanov was identified
among those dead “- leads the agency source.

Magomed Suleimanov

We also know
that the security forces continue to pursuit another three militants of this

Earlier it was
reported that four militants were killed during the raid, which was conducted by
the security forces in Dagestan.

The territory where the
terrorists were presumably hiding, was blocked by the special forces of the
FSB, stated the Ministry of Defense and the Interior Troops of Russia. The terrorists
were armed when they found three assault rifles, two pistols and ammunition.

A few thugs
managed to escape in the forest. The NAC (National Anti-Terror Committee) noted
that “to detect the insurgents and to avoid civilian casualties, special
equipment will be utilized”. One special forces soldier of Interior troops
was wounded during the operation.

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