Funeral business dispute resolved with grenades in Ukraine


August 15, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

What happened in Krivoy Rog is, perhaps, not the last call. This is an alarm, announcing that death from the ATO zone will soon become the sole owner even in cities far from the front line, and to remain there, on the streets, would be akin to “Russian roulette.”

The message of the Ukrainian channel 112:

“In Kriovoy Rog on the night of August 15  one person died and two others were injured in a grenade explosion in front of the morgue, reports a press-service of the main department of MIA of Ukraine in Dnepropetrovsk region. “It was established that it was a booby-trap grenade RGD-5, set up at the entrance to the the morgue. As a result of the explosion one person was killed and two others were injured and taken to a local hospital”, – said the message.

The press-service of the police noted that the victims were engaged in the business of transportation of dead bodies. The legality of their activities is currently checked. One version is a business dispute”.

There has always been competition in Ukraine. And the fatter the piece at stake – the more radical were the methods to deal with a competitor. But a booby-trap grenade in the city – is the first time. There were no grenades in such numbers, and people didn’t know how to set up booby traps, and they were afraid of police. It seems that a Rubicon has been passed – there are plenty grenades from the ATO zone, plenty of specialists, and the police has self-withdrawn.

The scale for which it is acceptable to eliminate a competitor has changed. Before they could kill for a factory. And if now, when dividing the funeral business (as claimed by the police) they use a booby trap, there is no guarantee that this method will not be used against a competing café or kiosk in downtown. Or they can decide to destroy from a grenade launcher an inconvenient ice cream cart or Shauarma cart somewhere on a campus. No one cares about the number of random victims, as demonstrated by this case.

Ukraine finally slipped into an uncontrollable chaos, where reigns he who has more guns and grenades.

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