Illegal sale of Uranium-238 prevented in Western Ukraine

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August 5th, 2015

Russian RT

Translated by Kristina Rus

As a result of a counter-intelligence special operation employees of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) detained members of an organized crime group, intending to illegally sell nuclear materials.

According to the press service of the SBU, the operation took place in Ivano-Frankovsk region of Ukraine (Galicia, Western Ukraine). Currently, experts are conducting a study of the seized radioactive materials, however, allegedly it is isotope Uranium-238.

“On August 5, a special team of the central office of the Security Service of Ukraine jointly with the Department of the Security Service of Ukraine in Ivano-Frankovsk region detained four members of a criminal group, who were trying to sell nuclear materials. According to preliminary data, the nuclear substance is “Uranium-238” — stated the website of the department.

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