Ishchenko: Russia May Soon Use Airforce on UAF


August 27th, 2015 – 
By: Maxim Karpenko, PolitNavigator – translated for Fort Russ by Soviet Bear – 

In case if shelling of Donetsk
residential areas grows stronger, Russia will have the right to send the
aircraft and to suppress the enemy firing positions – said political analyst
Rostislav Ishchenko on air of “Spas” TV channel

According to him, Ukraine is provoking
the militia to an assault in order to blame them for the violation of the Minsk

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“They need to provoke the NAF to the
offensive in order to say that Minsk agreement was thwarted by the militia. The
one who started to attack, is the one who denounced the Minks agreements –
that’s the only thing the EU and the OSCE will see. In order to do this the terror
shellings must continue, but the UAF cannot infinitely reinforce them – in the
moment when they will literally begin to erase Donetsk from the face of the
earth, Russia will have not only the right but the duty to intervene and to
suppress these artillery batteries with airpower. You don’t need to cross the
border to do this – you can send the aircraft and resolve the issue,” said

On the eve, the former Minister of youth of
Ukraine Dmitro Bulatov who has been in a combat zone reported about the demonstrative
flights of 6 Russian fighters near the Ukrainian positions.

“Today around 7.00 5 Russian fighter jets
flew over Luhansk. Yes, the Russian jets. Sources of information are reliable, on
both sides. Also these aircraft were visible from the city of Schastye, Luhansk
region and the surrounding heights.

The flights of Russian military aircraft began
over occupied territory in the areas near the frontline line, and continue in
some places. It is not excluded that in the near future there will be the first
flights over our territory. Short and unpredictable.

We have something and we know how to meet
them,” wrote the former Minister on his page on Facebook.

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