Kiev to Citizens: Can’t pay bills? Go to jail


August 10th, 2015

Rusvesna – translated by Soviet Bear

The new program of
genocide by Yatsenyuk: jailing people for their housing and utilities debt.

Prime Minister of
Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk again showed all his ardent “love” for the
people when he offered to prosecute housing & utilities debtors.

In other words, to put
in prison for unpaid utility bills, for such failure, according to the head of
government, should be considered as theft and consequently punished with all
the severity of the criminal law.

This statement was
made by Yatsenyuk at quite a serious event – a meeting of anti-crisis energy
headquarters, which, included attended foreign experts, raised by the
government for a joint search for ways to stabilize the Ukrainian energy sector.

But Arseny Petrovich
whose major is “lawyer”, is not embarrassed by the fact that his statement,
shows his ignorance of the Ukrainian legislation, including to foreign guests.

After all, relations
“the debtor – the supplier of utility bills” – are civil legal
relations. They are not mentioned in Ukrainian Criminal Code.

As explained by the
lawyer Tatyana Lezhuh, the approval of the Prime Minister that the action for
non-payment of housing and utility services can be qualified as theft, does not
stand any criticism.

By using housing and utility
services, the person enters into civil legal relations.  Only the actions related to illegal
connections to the network without the conclusion of an agreement, may be
considered the theft “- said Tatiana Lezhuh.

Lawyers advised not to
take such a statement seriously since it has no legal basis, and regular folks suggested
to conduct a psychiatric analysis of such statements.

However, we cannot
completely discard the option that soon the new bill on amendments to the
criminal law will be issued by the “Cabinet of reformers”.

After all, there was
also a government initiative to sell housing and utility debt of Ukrainians to
the collectors on May 14, 2015 supported by the Verkhovna Rada.

Let us remind, we are
talking about the Law of Ukraine “On amendments to some laws of Ukraine
concerning the stabilization of the financial condition of National Joint Stock
Company” Naftogaz of Ukraine “.

According to the
document, “Naftogaz” has received the right to sell (alienate) in
favor of a third party indebtedness of consumers for natural gas. Such a sale
(alienation) proposes to carry out through the auction method by reducing the
price of the lot, which may differ from the carrying value.

And who benefits from
buying debts and then literally “beating them out, not disdaining even the
gangster methods? Those who can earn on this. Primarily – the collectors.

So we cannot exclude
that another idea from Yatsenyuk can become reality – lover of austerity for
the people.

But is there a limit
to cynicism of this great reformer? Today many families can’t pay their bills –
it is not their fault.

Given the rates raised
several times for electricity, gas and heat from April 1, 2015, in the three
year absence of the indexation of salaries and pensions, as well as disruptions
to give housing subsidies and the abolition of utilities benefits for many
Ukrainians in September, you can expect that since the beginning of the heating
season, the debtor will be almost each one in three.

And if you put them
all in jail, then it is literally genocide, Arseny Petrovich!

On the other hand,
there is no a secret that gas prices, which since the beginning of the year
have been increased almost by seven (!) times, are manifestly excessive. This
is acknowledged even by the MPs, having ascertained that the Ukrainians overpay
for utility services.

Only Yatsenyuk
continues to stubbornly stand on his ground, and even invited international
auditors to confirm its position that the gas prices are economically

“Today it is
absolutely clear that the price of gas is motivated (with obviously corrupt
motive), there was no market there was no transparency. But the attraction of
international auditors – just an attempt at any cost to play it back.

Mr. Yatsenyuk is in
serious trouble … He understands that playing back is a de facto resignation
of the government and the verdict of his incompetence and lack of professionalism,
including Mr. Kobolev and other officials who were involved in setting the prices.

Therefore, for them it
is the last line of defense, since it is now clear that the report of the
Auditors will be one that will suit the government Yatsenyuk, “- said the
ex-minister of housing and utility services, the candidate of sociological
sciences Alexei Kucherenko.

As a result, and it
has turned out foreign inspectors only confirmed what “great
reformer” wanted to hear: calculation of the retail price of natural gas
for the needs of the population carried out correctly.’;

And here it is
impossible not to recall the words of Arseny Petrovich, said a little less than
two years ago, when he had not yet got to the government trough. Then Yatsenyuk
was convincing Ukrainians that the Azarov government almost commits a crime by
increasing prices for the people as in Ukraine produces sufficient quantity of
gas, and it is actually very cheap.

“So the price of gas
today is a maximum of 70 to 100 dollars depending on where it is mined. It is
not 200, not 300, not 500. It’s only $ 70, but this gas you (the people) do not
receive” said Yatsenyuk at the TV program” ShusterLayf “November 22,

Apparently now being
in the position of “fool”, Arseny Petrovich does not think so.

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