Kursk Sinking Remembered Across Russia


August 13th, 2015

Rusvesna – translated by Soviet Bear

Mourning events dedicated to the memory of the sailors of the sunken nuclear
submarine “Kursk” took place Wednesday in Russia.

People laid flowers to the memorials of the
perished sailors in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kursk, Sevastopol and other cities
of the country. In Murmansk, on the day of the 15th anniversary of the sinking
of the “Kursk” submarine a rally memory was held.

Is has brought together veterans of the
Northern fleet, sailors, administration officials, members of the city branch
of all-Russian organization “COMBAT BROTHERHOOD”. They paid tribute
to the entire crew of the “Kursk”submarine , and also died in the tragedy
countryman, captain-Lieutenant Boris Vladimirovich Geletin.

Flowers and wreaths were laid to the memorial
complex “to submariners who died in peace time”. At 11:28 a moment of
silence was declared — it was at this time 15 years ago I heard the first
explosion on Board the submarine that destroyed the Kursk. Flags were lowered
on the ships of the Northern fleet and the sirens and signals were turn off.

Vyacheslav Konstantinovich Godunov, Chairman
of the Severomorsk branch of all-Russian organization “COMBAT
BROTHERHOOD” told that members of the veteran organization take care for
the grave of the deceased officer.

“The family of
Lieutenant-commander Boris Geletin shortly after the tragedy of the
“Kursk” moved out of town, but I personally have contact with his
father, who now lives in St. Petersburg”, — said the Chairman of the
Murmansk regional branch  Viktor

Sevastopol, people also paid tribute to the sailors of the nuclear submarine
missile cruiser “Kursk”, where 17 sailors from Sevastopol carried out
their service. The event began in the morning with the memorial service for
those who perished, in the Church of the Archangel Michael. At the monument to the Sevastopol
submariners deceased on “Kursk” a Requiem rally was held, which was
attended by members of the Sevastopol regional branch of all-Russian
organization of veterans “COMBAT BROTHERHOOD”.

Our duty to our dead
comrades is to take care of their families. After the tragedy all the families
of the deceased sailors from the Kursk, and families of the crew of the
submarine “Komsomolets” joined our organization. We provided them
with financial and moral support. They participate in our events. Any question
with which they come to us, we are trying to solve. This friendship and this
patronage will continue”, — said the Chairman of the Council of the
Sevastopol city branch of all-Russian organization of veterans “COMBAT

all-Russian public organization of veterans “COMBAT BROTHERHOOD”
always believe that its duty is to help the victims of disasters, local wars, terrorist
attacks. That is why in this tragedy veterans’ Association did not remain on
the sidelines ad has provided full support for relatives and friends of the
crew of the “Kursk” submarine.

“We try to help
everyone who needs it. To have a Brotherhood that will always be there in
difficult times. We do this because we know what moral pain is, the pain of
losing a brother and a friend or just a person.” — said First Deputy
Chairman of the all-Russian organization “COMBAT BROTHERHOOD” Gennady

submarine missile cruiser “Kursk” sank on 12 August 2000 in the
Barents sea, 175 km from the city of Severomorsk. All 118 crew members aboard
were killed. The number of victims of the accident was the second in post-war
history of the Russian submarine fleet.

All the victims in the tragedy were
posthumously awarded the Order of
Courage, and the commander Gennady Lyachin
posthumously awarded the title hero of the Russian Federation.


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