Littlehirosima: “The Angel of the Donbass”


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The Angel of the Donbass

By Yevdokia “Dunya” Sheremetyeva, 6 August 2015

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Yes, folks in Germany have dubbed me)))
Now my texts are also being published in German))))
Thanks to Sasha, pardon me, Aleksandr Grodskiy, who translates them into German.
I’m sure the quality of the translations is excellent.
My German is about as good as my Zulu, even though I knew a few words, they were all indecent.
There were Germans somewhere in my family so it’s almost embarrassing. But abroad everyone thinks I am Brazilian. I don’t strike them as either Russian or German.
The web site author, Tomas, started reading me in English at Fort Russ, which has been regularly translating my posts into English with the help of Michael Jasinski. He’s sent money several times. And then started translating from English to German)
And then Sasha, my Russian-German angel, appeared who really cares about our work. He undertook the translations.
So now we have a great team when it comes to translating and publishing in furreign languages (as my daughter Kolbasa likes to say).
What’s amazing is that I never looked for or asked anyone to do it. They did it on their own. My angels))) Thank you!

All the German-language translations can be read here. There’s a special hirosimka tag (and the title reads: “About the Donbass Angel”).

All of these texts are being posted in a German language Facebook group:

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 “Humanbataillon Donbass —Гуманитарный Батальон Донбасс”,

It already has many readers and helpers. After I wrote about Yuriy and requested letters for the elderly at the shelter, I was literally swamped with questions whom and what to write. You can’t even imagine how many Germans really care about our country! And I was glad to find this out.
I’m thinking maybe it’s time to learn that language. All the more since all of my professors always were pushing me in that direction. And I can even brag that I was invited to visit)

English translations have been appearing here for the last three months:

Once again, many thanks to Mikhail for the translations and to the web site owner Kristina Kharlova. In the last few months nearly half of humanitarian aid funds I received have come from abroad, from foreigners.
And I’m also getting letters with blessings and support from the US, Netherlands, England…

Alyona Afanasyeva has been translating into Italian for the Marx XXI journal. My Italian is practically nonexistent, and the three years of Latin at the university haven’t helped. Many thanks, Alyona! The texts are here:

I don’t know what will happen next in my life, the life of the Donbass, Ukraine, Crimea, and Russia.
But I know one thing for sure–one doesn’t have to have political views in order to be a human being. One simply needs to have a heart. I am glad to discover these hearts in various parts of the world nearly every day.
This may sound like too much pathos, but it is almost impossible to convey how happy I am to make such discoveries.
Thank you, everyone–those of  you who send money, try to help, write supportive comments. Write me personally. Not everything is measured in money.
May all the world’s millionnaires die of envy–I am fortunate enough to discover goodness and see it with my very own eyes. 

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