Littlehirosima: “Life without water”


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Source:  Life without water

By Yevdokia “Dunya” Sheremetyeva, 3rd August 2015

Pervomaysk has been without water for two months already.
UAF cut the city off from all water supply. Water trucks bring water to individual houses on a schedule.
heat in the city is incredibly intense, everyone is hoping for rain.
The sun burns, and you can’t wash or do laundry–nothing.
It’s quiet in the city, although sometimes shells come.
28 June they hit the kitchen, a direct hit on the stove. I grabbed my
kid and into the bedroom. All the windows in the house shattered.
–No, a tank gun round.

Elena Anatolyevna Bochurina is left without a husband. He died of cancer a year ago.
oldest daughter Katya is 23 years old–she works as a vocational school
instructor. But the younger son is only 2.5 years old. She gave him
birth before the war in her advanced age.
But now they are left alone without a man in the house.
–There’s nobody to fix the roof.
–Do you still cook here?
–Where else can I cook? We also keep our water here. Do you know that the city is without water?
–Yes, we know.
Cans, pots, bottles–any container will do.

–Where should we put the food.
–In the house. They are promising rain.
The kitchen is separate from the house. That’s what saved the woman and her child.
carriage is left in the kitchen. It’s all riddled with nails, roof tile
fragments, glass…But it’s OK. We cleaned it up, patched it up. Now
we’re using it again.

And it did rain. The powerful downpour suppressed the dust and watered the gardens.
The heat did not pass.
Elena Anatolyevna’s kitchen is now flooded…

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