LPR: Kiev must deal with Novorossiya for Coal


August 9th, 2015

Rusvesna – translated by Soviet Bear

Plotnitsky: Kiev will
have to negotiate with the Donbass on the supply of coal.

Kiev will have to
negotiate with the Donbass on the supply of coil, and it was seeking contact
with the self-proclaimed Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republic, said the head
of LPR Igor Plotnitsky on Friday.

Ukraine lost the
majority of mines due to a conflict in the Donbass.  The most profitable mines on the
territory are uncontrolled by Kiev, and enterprises remaining under the control of
Ukrainian authorities are coal gas mines. Most of these enterprises are unprofitable,
the government has no money to maintain them, so they planned a phased closure. 

Due to the shortage of coal Ukraine has to import it. Kiev in preparation for
the heating season is going to buy coal from all possible suppliers. Now there
are purchases from South Africa.

“Through the Minsk agreement Ukraine is
looking for contacts that we (DPR) could sell coal for their power plants. And
they don’t have much time left. Currently we supply coal to the power plant
only in the city of “Schastye” (happiness) (a city on the contact line
controlled by Ukrainian military forces). Because on there are our brothers,
our residents on the other side, we cannot leave them without electricity,
said Plotnitsky during
his meeting with the militias.

Head of LPR believes
that Ukraine will not be able to find an alternative to coal from the Donbass,
as coal from South Africa and Australia is not suitable to specifications of the
Ukrainian thermal power plants.

“They will be forced to buy it from here” – said Plotnitsky.

He also stated that mines,
which resumed operations in LPR, focused on the sale of coal to Russia.
“Mines are already restored, restoring ties, we (LPR) 80-85% direct them to the Russian Federation”, – said Plotnitsky. According to him, a number of
contracts for the supply of of coal has already been signed, which will help to
provide people with jobs.

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