NATO: Russian Electronic Warfare is Limitless


August 9th, 2015

Politrussia – translated by Soviet Bear

The commander of NATO
forces in Europe said that the capabilities of Russian Radio/Radar Electronic Warfare (REW) divisions
are limitless.

“RIA Novosti”
published translation of an article by military analytical portal “Defence News”,
which reports on the capabilities of Russian troops of radio-electronic
warfare. Military analysts report that Russian REW system is several times more
superior than the US and can cause enormous damage to the US Army, as Americans
do not have experience in dealing with it .

The commander of NATO
forces in Europe, Ben Hodges added: “The US troops have never encountered
Russian artillery and did not deal with serious REW system, jamming or information-gathering
systems.” According to him, Russian electronic warfare units have
“exorbitant” capabilities.

The former head of the
US Army REW Lori Bakhut on this occasion said: “Our main problem is that
we have not fought in conditions of jammed communications for several decades,
so we have no idea how to act in such a situation. We have no strategy and
algorithm of actions, we are absolutely not prepared to conduct combat
operations in the absence of communication. US does not have such extensive
capabilities or REW what Russia has. We have a very good radio intelligence,
and we can conduct wiretapping round the clock, but when it comes to shutting
down enemy hardware – our abilities are not even one tenth of what Russian army
can do”

According to the
portal “Defence News”, the Pentagon decided to rectify
the situation and launched a program that will make a difference, but the first
results are expected only by 2023.

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