Poland feels unfairly left out of decision making on Ukraine


August 21, 2015

Vladimir Mikhailov, PolitNavigator

Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski

Poland is mistakenly perceived by Ukraine as a sincere friend. On the contrary, in relations with Kiev, the partners from Warsaw think primarily about their own interests and have exhibited ambitions towards becoming a great power.

Oleg Voloshin, the former press-secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and a specialist in the field of foreign relations, stated this on the channel “Radio Vesti.”

The common opinion that Ukraine and Poland are brothers forever like Russians were with the Chinese is a mistake. Despite the fact that the majority of Poles are friendly towards Ukraine and catastrophically dislike Russia, nevertheless, the Poles have their own interests.

Andrzej Duda represents the camp which wants to see Ukraine among friends and allies, but as part of the Polish Commonwealth in one form or another, that is, where Warsaw clearly sets the tone, and not as an equal partner. It is therefore very significant and logical in principal for his position that a telephone call between Duda and Poroshenko was recently held despite the numerous, as I know, proposals of the Ukrainian side to meet before his inauguration, but even after the election, Duda shied away from these proposals. Most of all, in his inauguration speech, he said virtually nothing about Ukraine.

But then there was his statement about changing the format of negotiations about Donbass, which everyone embraced in such a way that they said “Oh, cool! Now the Poles will join in…” Well, first of all, the Poles will not join anything, no one will let them, and secondly, if they were included, no one in Russia would be afraid, mildly speaking: Yes, maybe we should include Estonia, Georgia, etc. too!

And thirdly and most importantly. Duda said this not in the context of the fact that the interests of Ukraine are being poorly defended by Germany and France, but rather he said clearly and directly: Poland is a neighbor and an important player in the region. Why without us? This is an ambition towards being a great Polish power. Why without the country which strives to be a leader in the region, the non-regional players Germany and France are deciding the fate of a country which used to be subordinate to Warsaw?” – Voloshin explained on “Radio Vesti.”

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