Polish Patriots form Pro-Novorossiya Militia [Video + Photos]


August 3rd, 2015

From Xportal.pl,  

Translated by Jafe Arnoldski, CSS researcher, for Fort Russ

The action of forming volunteer border patrols, which was
reported for the first time two weeks ago (http://xportal.pl/?p=21765), is ongoing in
response to the progressing destabilization of Ukraine and the escalation of
fighting (http://xportal.pl/?p=21701)
between Kiev forces and the Banderist “Right Sector” near the Polish

In the previous week in the Bieszczady mountains, tactical
exercises of anti-Banderite patrols were held. Divided into sections,
volunteers trained for, among other things: stealth movements and arrival in
the area of operations, setting up transitional bases and observation posts,
orienting oneself in the field and the maintenance of liaison and coordination
of motorized patrols. 

Operating within the perimeter of difficult to reach
sectors of the border, potential weak spots and possible channels for the
penetration of illegal immigrants or militants into Poland were identified.
During talks with the residents of the regions closest to the border, valuable
information on the subject of various possible provocations by Banderites was
obtained, and fear of such provocations was widespread.

The action of forming anti-Banderite civil patrols drew interest
from various media, to whom all any essential information has been granted –
material on this topic was issued by the Russian station NTV (http://www.ntv.ru/novosti/1454678).

A large contribution to the security logistics of the exercises
was provided by the local representatives of national movements, to whom
heartfelt thanks is due.

All of our initiatives are financed by the funds of our very own activists
and sympathizers.

Do you want to support us? Every penny brings us closer to the

Recipient: Official Internet Xportal.pl

Title: Donation

Account number: 17 1140 2004 0000 3902 6729 7763

[ Editor’s Note, by Joaquin Flores: In Poland, Anti-Banderite volunteer patrols have formed, and have created the first people’s militia in this century based upon both Polish nationalism or patriotism, and also supportive of ethnic Russians right to self-determination in Novorossiya.  

Polish people also have their own reason to oppose either the Bandera apologist Kiev Junta or the outright Banderist Pravy Sektor and Svoboda Party.  The ideological forefathers of these US backed entities went on an ethnic cleansing rampage of Poles during WWII.  

The border patrols were formed by the Polish group ‘Falanga‘ which owns and operates the information portal, Xportal.pl.   It is a patriotic,  non-fascist and non-communist group, based on a syncretic ideology that moves beyond left and right, most close to a 4th Position. 

At the start of this year, I met with their leadership in Belgrade to discuss their plans, to understand their analysis of the war in Ukraine, to give my assessment of the role of syncretic ideological processes in Russia and Serbia, to gauge contemporary Polish public opinion on a range of subjects covering the sabotage and attack upon socialism in Poland, and to map out areas of possible future collaborative work. 

As previously noted, I have written about the desire of the US to implement a scorched earth policy in Ukraine, only the EU and Russia objectively have an interest in regional stability and economic growth. Towards the US policy, it may be necessary for Pravy Sektor activities to take on increasingly Galician characteristics, as Galician ‘nationalism’ in its irredentist form sees areas of Poland as part of an integral Galician state.  This may draw Poland into the fray, which at first would seem to compel increased NATO activity, arms sales, etc., but whose final outcome could swing in favor of any number of players including Russia.  Initiatives like that of Falanga are likely to be part of that process. ]


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