Poroshenko: Novorossiya is “Mordor”


August 25th, 2015

PolitNavigator – translated by Soviet Bear

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has compared
Novorossiya with the mythical land from the works of British writer J.R Tolkien.
According to the Ukrainian leader, Novorossiya is “Mordor”.

The statement was published on Poroshenko’s Twitter.

According to Poroshenko, “Ukraine lived and will always live, and Novorossiya is
Tolkien’s myth called “Mordor””. Note that Mordor is the name of the territory
of middle-earth from the works of British writer J.R Tolkien.

should be noted that the Ukrainian President with his decisions and public
statements gradually leads to the final secession of the republics of Donbass
from the rest of Ukraine.

At the moment all of the state institutions
have been withdrawn from the rebellious regions, banks and other financial
institutions do not work. In accordance with Poroshenko’s decree about
“economic blockade” the supplies of all sorts of products to the
DPRLPR, including food are strictly prohibited. Also the bus service between
the Novorossiya and the rest of Ukraine is not running by his order.

As previously reported by “Politnavigator”,
one of the supporters of the secession of the DPR and LPR from the rest of
Ukraine is its former President Leonid Kravchuk, who has previously called for
“cutting off” the rebellious regions and to completely sever any connections
with them.

The economic blockade of the region contradicts
the Minsk agreements (its abolition is one of the essential points of the Minsk
Protocol). The OSCE mission which is working in the conflict zone, called upon the
official Ukrainian government to stop the blockade, as this measure only
worsens the humanitarian situation in the region.

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