Poroshenko planted a time bomb under Ukraine with a promise of Tatar autonomy in Crimea


August 5th, 2015

Viktor Avin, Pomalu.ru

Translated by Kristina Rus

Poroshenko planted a symbolic time bomb under Ukraine with his promise of creating a Tatar autonomy in the Ukrainian Crimea.

Kiev political analyst Andrei Zolotarev talked about this with “Politnavigator”.

“Of course, this statement of Poroshenko raises the same question, as in the case with the Minsk agreements. If we recognize the special status of separate districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, then what about other regions? Similarly, if we recognize the special rights of the Crimean Tatar minority in Crimea, then what about the special rights of the Romanian minority in Chernivtsi region, Hungarian in Transcarpathia… Such maneuvers give rise to the issues that sooner or later will surely backfire, — the expert believes.

At the same time, the Director of the Ukrainian Institute for the analysis and policy management, Ruslan Bortnik believes that after the statement of Poroshenko about the readiness to provide the Crimean Tatars with national-territorial autonomy in the event of the return of peninsula to Ukraine — a similar issue can be raised by the representatives of the Russian, Hungarian or Romanian minorities living in Bessarabia, Bukovina or Transcarpathia.

“The President announced this initiative, but could not realize it, because he understands that if this right is granted even de jure (and you cannot provide it de facto, because Crimea is not controlled by Ukraine), the same rights may be demanded, for example, by the Romanian National Rada of Bukovina, Transcarpathian Hungarians, the Russians of many Ukrainian regions. Therefore, it is limited only to such statements, in the attempt to attract the support of the Crimean Tatars in the struggle for Crimea, first of all, as an instrument of political pressure on Russia,” — said the expert.

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