RIP Russian Kiev, the “Mother of the Russian Cities”


August 29, 2015

@Flackelf, Live Journal

Translated by Kristina Rus

An ode to Kiev by a Kievan Russian who had to move to Russia after Maidan, like thousands of others…

You can lay on the couch,
Turn the Internet off,
And erase all your thoughts,
Written in so many years.

You can pack the suitcase,
Buy a ticket to Russia.
But how do you fit a temple in it
And a quiet dawn over the pine trees?

You can come to the train station,
And get into the last car,
But the sad knell of church bells
Freezes the soul like a tear.

You can stare at the window
Swallow the lump in the throat.
Only it is not in the cards
To forget your dear home.

Even though it fell so low ,
Even though it burns in hell,
Even though you can not endure
To be a stranger in your own home.

You can feel sorry for it,
You can scold it,
But among other news
You will always look for it.

You will find a new home,
Live there for many years,
But the city, which does not exist
Will remain in your heart forever.

Only the grace from its ancient caves
Shall never cease, 
And will keep calling us to prayer
From the distant lands…

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