Stalin’s repressions or a Russian civil war?


August 14, 2015

Valentin Katasonov – the chairman of the Sharapov Russian Economic Society, professor of international finance at MGIMO 

Translated by Kristina Rus

Valentin Katasonov: 

My grandpa, Katasonov Vyacheslav Andreevich, was imprisoned in 1937, he was a director of Kemerovo school in Kuzbass. For what – is a big mystery, but he told me that Stalin was good.

 I said, “Granpa, why, you have been jailed under Stalin!”

He explained, and unfortunately many people today don’t understand what was happening: 

“Valya, don’t you understand, there was a civil war. Only the textbooks say that the Civil war ended in 1922. In reality it only ended with the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. Beyond the Urals practically the entire party leadership were the Trotskyists. Therefore beyond the Urals the prisoners were mostly Stalin’s supporters.  And here – the Trotskyists and the representatives of the new opposition. It was a kind of a Civil war.”

 This is why many of those jailed in the Stalin Gulag believe that they have been jailed for their support of Stalin.

Beyond the Urals, the secretaries of governorates [governors – ed] were almost all Trotskyists.

By the way, with great pleasure I later found concrete evidence by Yury Mukhin, who has described what happened in one of his books. He said, beyond the Urals everything was occupied by the Trotskyists. This is why my Katasonov family has suffered, my grandpa worked on the gold mines in Kolyma, he has been rehabilitated in 1956, but he viewed Stalin more then positive.

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