“Suppose for a minute that our army IS operating in Donbass”



Translated from Russian by Tom Winter 

August 27, 2015

Translator’s note: Here at Fort Russ, we do not claim expertise in modern electronic or satellite-assisted warfare, but we do know what’s out there, and it is our policy to find and translate the original. This material was first published at the above source on January 23. A machine translation appeared July 13. It has most recently appeared in a French language version yesterday, August 26. We count the overall thesis valid: If the Russians really were in Lugansk, there would be no need to put your faith in General Breedlove!

If you believe the social network users blogging on the latest ATO news, another part of the Russian army near Lugansk has been destroyed, as confirmed by reports intercepted from the Russian army.©

This calls for some military cultural background. The Russian army uses digital radio with the local encryption. Intercept it, maybe; decipher it, no. The code changes on an arbitrary and unpredictable schedule: every 50 minutes, hour, hour and twenty-two… . Ukrainian military, and “separatists,” use the old analog format, which you can hear. But with the Russian army right now all you hear is a crackle and a characteristic murmur.

In contrast, if it’s the Russian Army that’s dealing with the APU, you will know it.

The first symptom: stoppage of all means of communication, with complete draining of the batteries in cars, trucks, tanks, and also in cell phones, and transmitters. Broken circuits in any and all electrical devices. This is EMR, Extraordinary Magnetic Resistance. All the engines will quit running, with no way of restarting them. That’s what the “Hingan” system does, with a radius of 20 kilometers. 

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The second symptom: complete failure of all systems using LCDs, and the failure of all aiming devices and air defense systems – radars are dead. This is the “Altair” system.

Third symptom: guided weapons – from MANPADS to ATGM — won’t work. Worse, they will explode if you try … This is the “Mercury” system, mobile because based on multi-purpose tracked vehicles featuring very tall antennas. Now every Russian battalion is equipped with it. Effective range: 15 kilometers.

Fourth symptom. Your drones either drop or boomerang: They either fall with the failure of guidance and motor, or they get commandeered by the Russian forces. The system “Krasuha-4” disables the onboard equipment of aircraft and any other flying equipment. The system of “Carpool” intercepts the control of pilotless flyers. The Russians gave it to the Iranians, and the Iranians used it to drop the top secret US Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel, better known as the “Kandahar beast.”**

The fifth symptom there will be no time to see or understand: phenomenally precise artillery fire from well beyond the range of Ukrainian artillery. Fire stations and guidance of the Russian army work through satellites and their associated drones. Russian modernized missiles now have homing-on systems as well as being more explosive and having longer range.

Ukraine does not have its own satellites. Only two communications satellites. Operational artillery correction is not possible with the American satellites.

Dozens (hundreds, if it comes to that) of new combat helicopters controlling every highway will hunt down armored vehicles, trains, cars. Rail traffic will be paralyzed, firepower stopped, bridges blown. And at the rear, the lights go out – broken substations. Simultaneously civilian and military headquarters in the rear and their individual rulers will be liquidated by pre- embedded groups.

And then … from out of the sky: silk. Airborne Division and the GRU (Special Service Division).


Iran gets a Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel

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