“The Committee for Salvation of Ukraine” wants to take the whole Ukraine back


August 4th, 2015

Kristina Rus

The creation of “The Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine” is the most important latest development in the Ukrainian crisis. Listening to former Prime Minister Azarov yesterday and his counterpart, presidential candidate Oleynik made me want to both cry from joy and applaud at the same time. This development is so critical and such a sign of a turning tide and a breath of fresh air, that I wanted to translate the entire 2 hours of it, but thankfully RT has already done the job for me. 

Despite the many reasons that could be named about why Ukraine should be broken up, we should not loose sight of the fact that the ultimate prize and the ultimate solution to the crisis is to get the entire Ukraine back from the grip of evil ultra-nationalism and divisive russophobia.

Putin can not do that for Ukraine. Ukraine must heal itself. And this is where the “Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine” comes in. Yes, it is headed by a prime minister from the government of Yanukovich, but it is sufficient to compare the economic data before and after Maidan to see that the current government of Ukraine is leading it on the path to self-destruction. The goal of the Committee is to unite people from Ukraine not connected to either the current or the previous government to lead Ukraine to its salvation.  

Azarov had rescued Ukraine three times, and his policies always produced economic growth and increased prosperity of Ukrainian citizens. 

Azarov’s intimate knowledge of Ukrainian issues make his remarks here an indispensable first source of information.

A range of topics are discussed – from Crimea to the volunteer battalions, to the role of Ukrainian media.

Azarov’s remarks are passionate and personal, because the issue is deeply personal for him, and it is clear that saving Ukraine is his personal mission. 

The Ukrainian people just received a sign of hope, and alternative vision and a doze of painful truth about their predicament, as well as a proposed solution. Azarov is the responsible adult who finally crashed the party and put the out-of-control Ukrainian “teenage” establishment in their place. He is not intimidated by the snark questions from Ukrainian journalists, he lectures them back and tells it like it is, with disarming knowledge and irresistible authority. 

Azarov told the exhausted and disenchanted Ukrainian people exactly what they needed to here at this moment. 

Azarov and Oleynik, as well as their network in Ukraine, represent the hope and the future for Ukraine, which has to come not from Putin and not from Russia, but from Ukraine itself.  

PS I urge you to listen to the entire press conference!

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