UAF begins an attack on Belaya Kamenka


Starognatovka – Belaya Kamenka

August 25, 2015

Based on several reports by Rusvesna
Translated by Kristina Rus

As reported by the “Russian Spring”, the Ukrainian troops began the attack on the positions of the militia in Telmanovo district of the Army of DPR.

A UAF attack on Belaya Kamenka has been repulsed a couple of weeks ago, when the “Right Sector” carried losses in manpower and equipment. For the last 2 weeks UAF accumulated forces at the junction of Telmanovo, Volnovakha and Starobeshevsky districts.

“The enemy is attacking Belaya Kamenka from the Northern and Western direction”, — reported the soldiers of the “Viking” battalion of the 1st Slavic brigade of the Army of the DPR around 17:30 [local time].

The details of the fight at Starognatyevka — Belaya Kamenka were later revealed.

Ukrainian troops began the attack from positions at Starognatyevka and dominating heights, opened fire with anti-tank guided missiles, antiaircraft guns and automatic weapons, the “Vikings” responded with small arms fire and 82 mm mortars.

“For 2 hours we’ve heard the monotonous rounds of mortar”, at 19:20 said a local resident.

The battle continues for more than two hours.

As a result of recent shelling 13 cities and towns were left without electricity. In many of them electricity has just been restored with hard work of dedicated DPR crews.

Eduard Basurin of the DPR Ministry of Defense reported that UAF are trying to provoke an escalation before Minsk meeting, planned on August 26, to blame the Republics for violating the agreements.

Gorlovka was subjected to massive shelling today from 122 and 152 mm weapons. 10 residential houses have been damaged, two schools, a daycare, and a technical school. One civilian was killed.

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