UAF Suffered Heavy Losses Over Weekend


August 10th

Rusvesna, translated by Soviet Bear

suffered heavy losses during the nocturnal attempt early Saturday the 8th to break through near Gorlovka.

Ukrainian Armed Forces tried to break through
to Gorlovka at night and suffered heavy losses.

According to
“Russian Spring’s” military reporters last night at Gorlovka UAF in
violation of the Minsk Agreement, tried to break through with the battles to
the villages of Zaitsevo and Nikitovka.

As a result of the
attack Ukrainian troops suffered heavy losses and quickly retreated to their
original positions.

The commander of the howitzer
artillery battalion of the 3rd Motorized Rifle Brigade of DPR Eugene Kryzhin
who is stationed not far from the specified area, confirmed to the
“Russian Spring” this information as follows:

“What artillery? We have everything
withdrawn, we follow the Minsk Agreement. This, again, I suppose, someone was
smoking in the wrong place or air conditioning. And maybe it was a low-quality
ham entered into chemical reaction with smuggled parmesan. “

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