Ukraine and the road to the fate of Yugoslavia


Ronald Zonca in Boulevard Voltaire

August 12, 2014

August 13, 2014

Translated from French by Tom Winter

Le Figaro has just been echoing the declarations of Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine: he is requesting the creation of a peacekeeping force for peace in the east because …. “Putin wants all of Europe.” 

Out of the mouth of the Ukrainian President, we learn that Russia’s ultimate goal is to conquer Europe! Nothing less. And the script is already written, with Finland and the Baltic countries for appetizers.

Fortunately, Super Petro ‘Bros’ Poroshenko saw it coming. 

However, he does not see that the conflict against Donbass is maintained by nationalist elements that he no longer controls. 

He does not see the mass emigration of young people out of his country. 

He does not see that he has put its economy at a standstill by not securing European markets before shutting off the Russian ones. 

He does not see that ethnic and religious divisions are getting more important every day. 

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He does not see that regions, harassed by the corruption and the looting orchestrated by the oligarchs in Kiev, want more autonomy. 

He does not see that Ukraine should be a bridge between Eurasia and western Europe rather than a wall between the two.

As for the American-inspired rhetoric that would have “The President” as the shield for those values of freedom, democracy, and security in Europe, I think he did not understand that the European Union has nothing to do with such values. The Greek example is there to remind us.

I suggest that the Ukrainian President reflect on the history of how a European country got torn into pieces. It began with the establishment of ethnic and religious hatred. When the killings started, the blue helmets came in, and next, NATO to finish ruining the country — and to take control of the ruins. 

In the end, Yugoslavia disappeared, with the added bonus of creating a mafia state that serves as a base for all traffic in Europe, not to mention the US military base. 

As a convinced European, he should think about Poland and Slovakia and whether a new Kosovo is aborning in Galicia.

The Ukrainian people deserve to resolve their problems themselves, without agents from outside adding an extra layer of corruption and plunder.

Mr. President, you are shouting to your people that you are working for the unity of Ukraine. In fact, you are putting Ukraine on the path of the break-up. The onset of the Blue Helmets will just be the first step. Knowing the fate of Yugoslavia, states will appear such as Galicia, the Republic of the Carpathians, Novorossia, and Kievia out of the former Ukraine.

Rather than inventing for yourself the grandiose destiny of a shield for Europe against an imaginary flood of Slavic hordes, be a bit more modest, and think of your country and not the interests of the US and NATO. A multi-ethnic, multi-confessional Ukraine that applies the principles of freedom, democracy and security, with an integral government, already seems to me to be a very heavy task for your shoulders.

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