Ukraine’s Mobilization Wave: A Demographic Catastrophe


April 12th, 2015 – Translated by J. Arnoldski

“Lugansk People’s Militia: Another mobilization wave in Ukraine
will lead to demographic catastrophe”


[editor’s note:  It’s hard not to think that this is really the US’s ‘final solution’ for Ukraine. It’s been noted by several western economists as well as policy makers close to Yatsenyuk that the Ukraine ‘suffers’ from a surplus population.  Add to that the million plus Ukrainian males of service age that have left to go live in Russia, under Russia’s new visa program aimed precisely at undermining the mobilization waves from being too successful.  Then add the half million from the Donbass who have also left for Russia.  The US plan for Ukraine makes sense if it is for Ukraine is to cease much of the sovereign domestic production and furthermore only consume whatever debt based central bank emissions can allow for, based upon the importation of ”value added” and repackaged Ukrainian food sold back to Ukraine from western Europe.  So much for the ‘bread basket of the world’ that Ukraine once was. Monsanto is going to see to it that all fertile lands are used for international distribution of GMO’s.  Ukraine’s smaller and indebted population will be forced to by back its own product. – Flores ]


The next wave of mobilization in Ukraine will continue the
destruction of the male population and lead to demographic catastrophe. This
was stated today by the People’s Militia of the Lugansk People’s Republic. Such
is how defense officials of the republic have commented on the statement of the
Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine, Petr Mekhed, who stated that Kiev is ready
to carry out another three mobilizations “if circumstances so require.”

“Thanks to chaotic mobilization, the male population capable of
generating offspring in Ukraine becomes less and less with each day. A few more
of such mobilizations, and there will be no one to produce offspring,” the
People’s Militia believes.

The ministry noted that Ukraine is concealing the real losses of
its forces in the conflict in Donbass.

“It’s not two thousand, like Ukraine says, but tens of thousands
who have been killed over the past year in the so-called “Anti-Terrorist
Operation” zone. And now, despite the ceasefire, fighters of the Ukrainian
Armed Forces are still dying, mainly because of internal strife,” the People’s
Militia stressed.

In particular, the ministry brought forth a recent example, when
in the frontline village of Zhelobok on August 9, a 29 year old private
machine-gunned a 33 year old sergeant.

“And such cases are happening regularly between fighters of the
UAF. Practically every second returns with an advanced disability or as a psychologically
unstable person,” the People’s Militia claimed.

The population does not want to serve in the UAF and defend the
Kiev authorities who are engaged in the extermination of their own people. The
Ukrainian draft barely fulfilled 50% of the so-called sixth mobilization, even
taking into account that men were seized in the streets and forcibly
transported to military commissariats.

“They have caught almost all of the men fit for service on the
streets, and the rest have either emigrated or been bought off. Only the
elderly and children will be left for another mobilization,” – the defense
ministry forecasted.

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