Ukrainian justice in Konstantinovka (video)


August 3, 2015

Anatoly Shary

Media Expert

Translated by Kristina Rus

Every story has an onset, developments and culmination.

We all remember the horrendous accident in Konstantinovka, when one child was killed, another ended up in a hospital, when drunk soldiers ran over children.

Then there were riots, in which many saw the hand of the Kremlin, then there were proclamations, that the guilty will be punished. They could not escape punishment, they WERE DRUNK.

And on March 21, chief military prosecutor Matius ( “They broke the basic rules, they consumed alcohol and caused an accident, which resulted in death and people were injured” 

March 22, 2015, military prosecutor (Unian): “The drivers who caused an accident in Konstantinovka were drunk, they are facing 10 years”

Liga Novosti: “During apprehension they were drunk”

Matius (Channel 5): “According to the initial data, those at the wheel of this armored vehicle were intoxicated”

The culmination was a little strange, because the guilty was not only allowed to walk on a laughable bond, but continues to serve and ride armored vehicles”

News clip: “As of today Maryan Rak remains a commander of a battalion”

And, finally, culmination, when president of Ukraine, Peter Poroshenko awards our hero with a medal:

“Rak Maryan Nikolayevich, senior lieutenant”  (Applause)

I don’t understand, why did the people of Konstantinovka start a riot?

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