Ukrainian Security Service takes the ultra-nationalist Right Sector on the payroll


August 21, 2015

Semyon Doroshenko


Translated by J. Arnoldski

Part of the “Right Sector” will become subordinate to the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).

This was announced on air on “Gromadsky TV” by the commander of the 5th battalion of the Volunteer Ukrainian Corp “Right Sector,” who goes by the call-sign “Black.”

According to him, this will enable the volunteers to be legalized. This means that they will receive the status of participants of the ATO, legal weapons, a permanent salary and the possibility of permanent presence at the front line.

“It was a difficult decision. I think that the service of our guys in the special Alpha division of SBU is not the worst, but the best option of those that we have. If you look at the requirements for each soldier, and this elite unit, which is in Ukraine, well, if they are there to serve – it’s an honor for us. For those who want to fight will now have the change to constantly remain at the front line as the 6th division permanetly remains in the ATO zone, “- the battalion commander said.

As “Black” explained, the age range is 20 to 45 years old. The contract for privates is for 3 to 5 years, and 1 – 5 for officers. With regard to wages, according to the battalion commander, a private will get 5,500 UAH plus his time in the ATO will be recorded, thereby multiplying this sum by two. For officers – 7,500 UAH, plus the same bonus for serving in the area of the ATO. [How many Ukrainian pensioners, who get 1,000 UAH can you feed with that money? – ed.]

“There still is a gradation for length of service, but we haven’t looked into it further and we just want to start the process now. But the main thing: the people who want to serve in the government structures have ample opportunity and we are able to offer them this. If you have questions for us, whether we are legalized or not, we can show lists which show that these people are in the legal units, and that there should be no questions for us “, – the battalion commander of Right Sector emphasized.

When asked, what about those who do not want to serve in the special unit, battalion commander replied that “they will not be left without the opportunity to serve.”

“We always have the opportunity to participate in combat operations, and to this time we will are still engaged in them. Everything is very straightforward: our units , even if someone is against it, reconnaissance and everything else are always in the area of the ATO, “- added the battalion commander.

At the same time, the battalion commander stressed, no one is closing doors for those fighters who want to fight as part of the UAF.

“The guys who have been trained in the “Right Sector”, if they know that they can fight, understand what the army is and what they can do safely under contract, then they can go there. Accordingly, I write a report in which I am recommending a person to serve in such a unit. They go with this document to the appropriate structure and then serve. It is common practice. There is now a number of people who serve in the armed forces. Some even still display the chevrons of their brigade and the “Right Sector”. Nobody forbids this. I want to say that the “Right Sector” is not a sect which decided that everyone must serve with us and no one will go anywhere else. For one and a half years, we have calmly sent people to those units in which they wish to serve. Including to the SBU. However, no one knows that more than 40 people served as freelancers who received training at the Right Sector, and then took the relevant tests at the SBU – and they were hired.” – the battalion commander mentioned.

According to the commander of the 5th separate battalion of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corp “Right Sector” this will not happen quickly. Because the standard selection of each soldier lasts 6 months. However, according to “Black,” the SBU has agreed to reduce the period of forming the regular unit out of the Right Sector fighters from 6 to 2 months.

Ed: The Right Sector is prohibited in Russia as an extremist organization. It was formed in Ukraine as an umbrella for the multitude of ultra-nationalist movements.

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