Ukrainian students, hiding from mobilization, outnumber other foreign students in Polish universities


August 21, 2015

Translated by J. Arnoldski

After the coup in February, 2014, educational migration from Ukraine to EU countries and Canada has increased dramatically.

According to a research study by the analytical center “Cedos”, after Maidan and the outbreak of the war in the East, citizens have become particularly active in leaving to study abroad.

Over the past two years, foreign universities, mostly Polish ones, received 6,500 Ukrainians (an increase of 20%). According to statistics, more than half of foreigners at Polish universities are Ukrainian.

Igor Lutsykiv, a student at the University of Lublin originally from Lvov, said that this is how many citizens are hiding from the draft.

“I left so that they wouldn’t take me to the ATO. Even without the war there is no future in Ukraine, everything has gotten worse after the Maidan. After graduating, I will stay in Poland, but next I would like to leave for an even wealthier country, such as Germany,” – the student admitted.

It’s reported that in the past five years, the number of Ukrainian students studying abroad has nearly doubled. Now, around 50 thousand Ukrainians are studying in 34 countries around the world…The third of them is in Poland. Also popular are Germany, Czech Republic, and Canada.

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