US Congress Blasts Obama: Russia has Upper-hand in Arctic Energy War


August 10th, 2015

Politrussia – translated by Soviet Bear

US Congress considers
that the proposal of the Russian side to expand the boundaries of the Arctic
shelf- is the result of foreign policy miscalculations by Barack Obama, said
“RIA Novosti” with reference to FoxNews. 

Recall that the Russian
Federation sent a request to the United Nations for extension of the
continental shelf in the Arctic due to the addition of the Lomonosov Ridge and
other entities that have continental nature. The Russian Federation expressed
its claim to the territory rich in hydrocarbons.

In turn, the US State
Department reported that Russia’s actions comply with international practice
and stipulated by the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. These arguments are
not satisfied with congressmen from the Republican Party, who saw in the
actions of Russia “aggressive pushing of claims to the Arctic.”  So, Senator Dan Sullivan said: “Russia
is playing chess in the Arctic, and our administration still thinks it’s

The House Committee on
Natural Resources saw “the fruit of failed energy policies of the
presidential administration.” In Russia’s bid. “Obama gave a clear
signal to the world that has been correctly interpreted by the Russian side
that the US prefer to be weak on the issue of energy development”, –
reported in the department.

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