US State Department: Portrait of Sociopathology [video]


August 10th, 2015

Fort Russ – Joaquin Flores

The US State Department in today’s press briefing once again shows to audiences its perfect portrait of sociopathology in practice.  How is it done?  Simple – attack and then blame the defenders for violence.    

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“On Ukraine, we are deeply troubled by a sharp rise in attacks in eastern Ukraine, particularly the heavy artillery assault on government-controlled Starognativka. In the last three days, three Ukrainian soldiers have been killed and 35 wounded. Today, Ukrainians reported 127 different separatist attacks, the most since Debaltseve – since the Debaltseve offensive in February. Russia and the separatists it supports cannot simultaneously talk peace and then fight. 

If they want peace, they must implement the full ceasefire that they agreed to in Minsk.

We are also deeply concerned about the arson attack over the weekend that destroyed four OSCE vehicles in Donetsk. We call on the separatists to provide security for the OSCE monitoring mission and allow it to do its vital work.”


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