Viking Battalion Shows off Captured Trophies from Today’s Fighting


August 10th, 2015

TV – translated by Joaquin Flores

Телеканал “Звезда”

Ополченцы показали трофеи, захваченные под Белой Каменкой

11 августа 2015, 00:59

Мотострелковый батальон «Викинги» ополчения ДНР показал трофеи, отвоеванные у украинских силовиков во время боестолкновения рядом с населенным пунктом Белая Каменка. Фотографии в соцсети распространил военкор «Викингов» Геннадий Дубовой. По словам Дубового, ополченцы подбили украинский танк Т-64. Кроме этого, сожгли БМП-1 силовиков. Как подчеркнул военкор, со стороны ополчения потерь нет.

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Infantry battalion “Vikings” of the DPR militia showed off trophies, taken from the Ukrainian security forces during clashes near the settlement of Bela Kamenka.

Photos were distributed to social networks by voenkor “Viking” Gennady Dubovoi.

According to Dubovoi, militias took out a Ukrainian T-64 tank. In addition, they toasted a BMP-1 of the security services. According to the voenkor, the militia took no casualties.

Earlier, Deputy Chief of Staff militia DNI Eduard Basurin said that Ukrainian security officials attempted attack on Mariupol direction, but were forced to return to their original positions.

According to him, the Ukrainian military from 5 am on August 10 from tanks, mortars and artillery, in particular from the MLRS “Grad”, fired at settlements: Petrovskoe, and Bela Kamenka. At 7am the security forces attempted to advance in the direction of the village of Bela Kamenka. The fighting lasted until 10am.

“In the course of the advancing enemy to our positions began a fierce battle,” – said Eduard Basurin. The militia forced Ukrainian troops to stay, “and then retreat to their original positions.”

Photo: Reports of militia Novorosii / VKontakte

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