Volunteer battalions and UAF – the polar opposites of the ‘United Army’


Can you see the difference?

August 20, 2015

Yurasumy for PolitRussia

Translated for Fort Russ by the Soviet Bear

What is the difference between the “volunteer” battalions/regiments/corps and soldiers of the regular army? Officially, the junta claims that they are one and the same. This is, allegedly, one well-oiled mechanism, which has only one purpose – service to the Motherland. But, if you look a little closer, the differences are drastic. Moreover, these parts cannot exist in the same structure because they are literally different in everything: thoughts, provision, and tasks. Everything is absolutely different. And not just different, but opposite. Don’t believe me? Let’s compare.

1. Tell me who your commander is, and I’ll tell you who you are

 Army rots from the head down, and junta’s “Uni-Army” disintegration starts from the command. The army where units do not obey the supreme commander or his authorized persons just can’t exist. The hierarchical structure of any army is very strict, and insubordination is the most egregious crime that is punished very severely, like treason. 

In fact, because it is a treason. The country has authorized the commander in chief to protect its sovereignty, and all who, being in the army do not obey him and his appointees – chief of the general staff, commanders of units and “sectors,” is a traitor to the oath (if he gave it) or just a thug (if the oath was not given).

The latest example is the withdrawal of “Azov” regiment and “Donbass” battalion from combat area in Shirokino – once again showed that ‘volunteers’ obey the command only conditionally. Repeated disregard of the order for withdrawal, threats, rallies in support of their line … In any other army it would be called a RIOT. But not in the “Uni-Army”. Here is a manifestation of patriotism… and an example to follow.

By the way, yesterday the “Donbass” battalion has returned to the battle area, citing the order of the commander of the sector. In this case, the ‘volunteers’ did not require a written order. They just did what they wanted. Was there an order or not, still no one is going to find out.

All this is because these units de facto do not obey a single commander. They wage their war together with the UAF, only coordinating their operations. The apotheosis was an attempt to create a separate volunteer general staff, which the ‘volunteers’ began to form in Dnepropetrovsk. But Kiev, or rather, Washington did not allow the situation to reach the point of absurdity.

UAF are different, however. Here everything is clear and understandable. There is a clear chain of command. The power vertical is not disputed.

And when riots happen, the reason is quite different. The soldiers ask to go home, not be sent to the front. Funny, but UAF riots are completely the opposite of the riots of ‘volunteers’.

2. The attitude of the authorities

Can you imagine the situation when UAF soldiers ride drunk in an SUV with “72th brigade” license plates somewhere in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov or other cities and show a finger to anyone, up to the members of the Parliament? In the car they have a pile of weapons up to heavy machine guns and grenade launchers and in case of ‘beef’ with the local police, the military Prosecutor’s office or the SBU they wouldn’t be arrested and be provided a hideout after committing violent attacks against civilian objects in the peaceful cities (for example, in Mukachevo) ? We can go on and on. I think the reader will understand what I mean. Yes, it’s impossible. But if we substitute UAF with ‘volunteers’, it becomes not only possible, but ordinary.

If the company/battalion of UAF soldiers have surrendered or deserted their positions, they are “traitors”, which are tried by the military-tribunal, but all the volunteers who deserted from the front line … are usually “heroes abandoned by the authorities” 

3. Heroes of the rear battles 

A significant part of the “homefront units” of “volunteers” which are sometimes 90% are often engaged in pillaging. They don’t pillage captured enemy cities, but their own, which are their bases.

“Azov” regiment, which has its own ‘interests’ in Kiev, Zaporozhye, Mariupol, does not surprise or bother anyone. The “Dnepr-1” regiment (which went in the shadow right after Kolomoisky fled Ukraine) has serious interests in the area of the Dniepropetrovsk. But “Pravy Sector” takes the cake, it has ‘interests’ everywhere and much less than 10% of its members are on the front line. A large part of the paramilitary units are engaged on the home front and… elections. But, as we understand, these interests are not the interests of the battalions, but their ‘patrons’ who created them and pay them money, and, consequently, whose interests they defend.

To imagine the fully armed 92nd brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces engaged in ‘beefs’ in Kharkov, and especially in Kiev, is difficult. ‘Lustration’ and ‘protection of businesses’ are unknown tasks for them.

4. As a result of “brutal and bloody” fights 

What do the UAF soldiers demand most often? That’s right – rotations with the requirement to take them home. “Azov”, “Aidar”, DUK PS [Right Sector] always ask to leave them at the front, sometimes even resisting the withdrawal with arms.

The explanation for this phenomenon lies in the peculiarities of the composition of these units. How do these units recruit conscripts?

UAF. Recruiting officers, in order to fulfill the plan for recruitment, they often say to future soldiers: “You will not be sent to war without your consent. You will not kill, and nobody will kill you. You will quietly sit on the base”. But even that does not help. Each new wave brings more reprimands and penalties. Including punishment in a form of a trip to the front.

Why is it so? Yes, because every new battle carries losses. New coffins, bringing the dead “heroes” home, are sobering and frightening to the future “cyborgs” and members of their families. Returned alive, but mentally crippled “demobees” scare them even more. Everyone understands that this is a one-way ticket, and if you weren’t going to get killed or injured physically you will NEVER come back mentally sane. This is what people fear, and normal people who want to be normal run away from this.

A completely different principle of advertising works for the “volunteers”. Only drive, only blood, only being in the thick of it.

The “Aidar” battalion was very popular in the summer of 2014, while it was the only “assault” battalion of “volunteers” on the front. In fact, it was the first unit which began to rapidly acquire new recruits. “Aidar” quickly reached astronomical numbers. In fact, it was already the regiment, although by the end of the fighting, the battalion turned into a reinforced company. During the war only a small part was engaged at the front, but up to 1,000 fighters had completed “combat” tasks of command on the home front. And all the young scum wanted to get the ID’s from the hands of their idol – Melnychuk. The scandal that erupted in the winter and especially in spring 2015, first destroyed the “reputation”, and then the numbers of the unit. All “heroes” quickly ran to change “registration” to a more “decent”. And the main “hero” was deprived of immunity at the request of GPU.

Battalion “Donbass” is a different story altogether. It was created by a crook Konstantin Grishin. A talented crook, I might add. The battalion didn’t particularly distinguish itself at the front, in addition to mass “runaway”, but was so popular from May of 2014 to spring of 2015, which allowed Kostya to recruit contingent after contingent just to lose them all in yet another “brilliant operation” and again find hundreds of idiots who fell for his fascinating Facebook stories about the “heroes of Donbass”. After several scandals and removal from the command of the ‘writer’ and mastermind Semen Semenchenko (he officially changed his name), “Donbass” began to fall apart and deflate. No drive – no refill. It’s a small unit that attempts to subscribe to any drive. Only not oblivion, which means death for them.

The “Azov” regiment. Raid on the neutral Azov strip in February 2015 confirmed its regiment status and it increased its numbers by half (mainly due to the defectors from other units). The battles for Shirokino, senseless and bloody, resulted in a further increase in the number of the regiment. Not so swift (because of the losses), but, nevertheless, the numbers of “Azov” were constantly growing. And now, when it was decided to move the regiment to the Zaporozhye region, Andrei Belitsky … saw it as the desire of the Ukrainian armed forces command to destroy the “operational unit”. And he’s right. A couple of months of sitting in the rear and doing nothing will cause havoc to this unit. All the fans of “drive” will gradually abandon it. They didn’t go to Donbass to dig trenches. They came to kill.

But the most successful advertising campaign does not belong to these “glorified” battalions and regiments, but the whole CORPS of volunteers, arising out of nowhere. “Right Sector” was formed at the Maidan. Successfully promoted on lustration and suppression of the fragments of the former regime. About time they picked up the idea of forming combat units. Became the most powerful of them. But after a few scandals quickly flopped. The units that really fought at the front (up to battalion level), ran to other units, and the rest were presented before the society, as another gang of robbers and murderers. Yes, they were spared after the events in Mukachevo, but it still was the death warrant for the organization. The halo of the “heroes” faded, and then vanished along with the captured children-hostages. Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk “have forgiven” the thugs, but the people have not. The fate of the DUK PS is already decided. It is waiting for self-destruction and oblivion.

5. War and peace: “Minsk”

Hence the attitude to restoring order in the country and the peace process.

“Volunteers” don’t want PEACE and order. If there will be PEACE and order somebody is going to be held responsible for all the crimes that began on Maidan. Sooner or later. This is why I never wonder why at all the hot spots of the Donetsk front the “volunteers” are ALWAYS on the edge (provoking a conflict). And this is understandable. Well, who they were before the civil war: losers and criminals, crooks and hooligans. And now they are “Melnichuk”, “Belitsky”, “Semenchenko”, respected and rich people, members of Parliament. And their subordinates from the backyard punks, and outcasts of society turned into heroes, to whom there is GLORY.

However, not all (Melnichuk).

And the cause of this is PEACE, which made them unnecessary and even dangerous to the state.
The bulk of the soldiers of the UAF, on the contrary, are longing for peace and a quick return home to their normal lives, where they are awaited. For them war is the source of ALL misfortunes.

Thus, we see that the Junta’s “Uni-Army” does not exist in nature and cannot exist in principle. The motives and goals of the soldiers of the UAF and “volunteers” are too different. This is a big problem for the regime, which seems unsolvable.

But… they’re looking for and are trying to find new forms and new tasks for the gangs of “volunteers”.

More about this in the next article.

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