What Donbass wants is an upgraded USSR


August 10, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

The whole of last year me and my countrymen were asked: “What do you want, what does Donbass want?”, writes in an article on Politnavigator Donetsk historian and journalist Oleg Izmailov.

We all tried to answer this question, although most often we had no time for answers. They were obvious, but instead of using their brain and coming to a logical answer the inquirers (most often from among the journalists, but not only) tried to squeeze as many revelations as possible from us. We, from purely medical considerations of “Do no harm!” tried to keep a reserve of sincerity and truth for ourselves. It is unreasonable, but a fact.

Now the time for complete honesty has arrived. And although full disclosure – is just for kicks, let’s try to answer the question “What does Donbass want from this war?” without nodding to simplicity, which, as you know, is worse then theft.

First about politics. Everything that happened, the entire course of events speaks about one thing: the Donetsk-Lugansk people want to forever together with their region leave Ukraine and join Russia. That’s right – “The Donetsk Federal District” with all the ensuing consequences.

At this point separate exalted persons may raise a howl, saying, not everyone wants to join Russia. Correct, not everyone, but 75-80% – without a doubt. In this context it is hardly worth it to take into account the zealots, eager to try some federal fate as part of Ukraine. Again, to reiterate – the working masses, those who really create the gross Donetsk domestic product, those fighting against the invasion of Nazi locusts, the miners, the metallurgists, the chemists, the engineers, the railroad workers, the builders etc. are dreaming about becoming citizens of the great Russia. Yes, they are smart people, they understand that likely it will take some compromised options and years, but from this their position is no less firm – we need only Russia!

The opinion in this matter is unanimous and unconditional in both parts of Donbass – the Republican and the occupied Ukraine. And there is no need to prove anything to anyone. The desire of Donbass to get rid of Ukraine is not a theorem, but the most logical axiom. It was shown by the one and only referendum in May, 2014. Since then, the hatred towards people with a soft spot for the yellow-blue rag in the cities occupied by the Ukrainian army have grown multiple times. Naturally, people are forced to hide it – it is dangerous – but the entrance of DPR and LPR troops into the cities lost in early July of last year will be accompanied by flowers and parades.

About the sincerity and the truthfulness of this national aspiration speaks the unconditional, repeatedly documented by the media, willingness to accept a lower standard of material living, “just not to be under the khokhols [Ukrainians]”. Meanwhile the ethnic origin (remember, in Donbass half are ethnic Ukrainians) doesn’t really matter – the people are choosing the Empire, whatever definition you personally give to this word.

Now about the economy and social policy.

Definitely the entire Donbass is categorically against the return of the oligarchs to their land. And again – there is a certain fraction of compatriots, dreaming about the return of the same Akhmetov, but most people of the working class and the intellectuals would prefer to do without such a spit in the soul and desecration of the memory of the fallen in the Donetsk-Ukrainian war. 

Very simply put, and it is pointless to speak in any different way, the people of Donbass would prefer to institute a kind of state capitalism with strong and reliable social lifts and state help. This is not Soviet socialism, but close to it on many fundamental points. Big, heavy industry, according to the citizens of Donbass, must be in the hands of the state, as well as the transport, say, and the vodka monopoly, but the service sector – private.

Donbass national policy is clear. This policy is fairly balanced and has formed long ago in our land, and there is no reason to change it. For one hundred and fifty years in Donbass coexisted dozens and dozens of nationalities, and a man is measured by the mind, the wit, his work, and not for his nationality. With that Russian language and Russian culture in the region are considered as the first among equals. At least as favorable and convenient form of coexistence.

Another thing is often asked: could we, the citizens of Donbass, live in one state with the inhabitants of other regions of Ukraine. The answer is that we lived with them nicely in the Soviet Ukraine, and no one had any questions, because the Soviet Ukraine we perceived only as another national “package” of the big communist idea. So it was. Now, after twenty-five years of futile attempts of the Ukrainian Nazis to create an ethnocratic state, to force us, the bearers of a great Russian culture and no less great Soviet engineering, mining and metallurgical civilization, to adopt their petty agricultural mindset, say only one thing – “Yes, we can, but only after the entire ex-Ukrainian SSR (without Galicia, of course, let them go back to Poland) will return to the Russian Federation. I think, for the cute Little Russia (Malorossia – the former name of Ukraine) it will be possible to create a special status and special rights – we’re not nationalists, we are the Imperial people, we are not greedy and are willing to give the entire Ukraine what she is not able to give Donbass at least theoretically due to its ignorance.

… And we don’t want anything else, we want back, we want to go home – our native Russian unbreakable Union.

We did not forget the anthem…

Unbreakable union of freeborn republics
Great Russia has welded forever to stand!
Created in struggle by will of the peoples
United and mighty, our Soviet Union!

(USSR anthem)

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