What Exactly is “The Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine”?


August 11th, 2015

PolitRussia – by Yurasumy, translated by Jafe Arnoldski

Who is saving Ukraine?

It has been exactly a week since, quietly and almost unnoticed by
99% of Ukraine’s population, another organization which wishes to save Ukraine
(God, save Ukraine!) was born. There was an announcement, a press conference,
and then…silence. As of yet, I haven’t noticed any other effects of this
event. This absolutely doesn’t surprise me at all.

The KSU – “Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine” – was
announced as a coordinating structure which is ready to fight (and fight, in
the words of the organizers, but quietly, meaning underground) with the current
Kiev regime and take on full responsibility as soon as they come to power. Who
are they? What responsibility can they bear?

It just so happened that the prenatal flour of this project did
not pass unnoticed by me. To say I was involved in it is impossible, just as it
is impossible to blame the defects of a toddler on the doctor doing the
ultrasound on the mother.

The idea of this project was born almost a year ago.  But one shouldn’t think that the KSU,
Oleynik, Markov, Zaporozhtseva and Kot (all except Azarov) were already had
“intentions” in those distant times. Then the idea rose to use the
untainted-by-blood (for the West) former Prime Minister Nikolay Azarov as a man
around whom all of the resistance to the Kiev regime would concentrate.

The idea was the creation of a broad anti-fascist front in
Ukraine backed by the money of the former “elite.” In this way, they could make
amends with the people and return to country. The elites were terrified. Very
terrified, and willing to give up the country they turned into a Ukrainian
oligarchical republic. In return, they asked for guarantees on their property.

But the idea, born, hung in the air. In late fall and early
winter, it was relevant, but by a strange coincidence was not moving forward.
On February 4, 2015, Nikolai Azarov presented his book, “Ukraine at a
Crossroads.” The time and the title spoke for themselves. All political
analysts concluded that we are present at the start of a new political project.
While invisible to the public eye, the project began its incubation period.

Then, it was behind the scenes. At that time especially, the US
began its big reversal in policy in Ukraine. Already then, before Debaltsevo,
it became clear that the Kiev regime is dramatically losing popularity and
preparations to replace it were needed. To this end, Kiev was to gradually lose
its Nazi attire and turn into a “decent” hand-shaking regime. The time came to
start a “moderate” project in which the former Ukrainian oligarchy would be
assigned a special role. The role of peacemaker and savior of Ukraine.

The idea was in the air. All that was left was to catch it. And
the old Ukrainian elites accepted the new rules of the game, seeing their last
chance to remain in politics. That opaque negotiations were going on and opaque
agreements were reached was obvious by some clear indications. It was then that
Interpol began to close the case against the former leadership of Yanukovich.
“For a lack of evidence” – such wrote the “unbiased” international
organization. In essence, Washington made it clear that it’s not against the
return of the escaped oligarchs.

And so, the place under the sun was shown, the rules of the game
were brought before potential recipients. And the time quarrels, bidding, and
shoving elbows began.

So that it would be clear to the reader: the raven does not pick
the eyes of the crow. It’s all just about Ukrainian oligarch. But who and in
what car trunk “Ukraine is not Russia” will ride further…this is the
“principal” question. This depends on above all the amount of buns, meaning the
“profitability” of each political project for each concrete participant. This
specifically started the quarrel between the “opposition bloc,” which initially
had a more advantageous position than their colleagues – the opponents fated to
find themselves “in exile.”

Bartering and squabbling delayed the incubation period of the
planned Committee of Salvation. Future fighters and rescuers were traded and
tried for a long time to stake a claim for higher places for themselves.

In fact, this is especially why the first things that the
“Moscow” insurgents announced was the name of the candidate for the post of
president of all Ukraine – Vladimir Oleynik. 
From our point of view, this illogical decision had a deep sense of
turf. From our point of view, this illogical decision had a deep sense of turf.
For those who made the decisions (and who were not named at the press
conference on August 3), the event was paramount. From this view, the political
“shareholders” formalized an agreement reached under the carpet. The political
nullity of the figure of Vladimir Oleynik was arranged by all the participants
of the discussions. In no way did they want to produce another “Yanukovich” who
would try to encroach on the sacred rights of the ruler of Ukraine.

All other members of the “top five” were people who in the most
part are minor, secondary, but not accidental. We will write about them later.
Each one of them did not appear there by accident. Hence one of them did not
appear at the press conference,Galina Zaporozhtseva (what’s very strange), and
two others sat quietly at the table. Yurii Kot, in line with custom (for those
who don’t know, Yurii was a many-year showman of the Party of Regions), became
the de facto spokesperson of the KSU, and Igor Markov perked up only for a
moment when reminded of his personal enemy, Viktor Yanukovich, which is
understandable – Yanukovich jailed him.

Interesting coincidence. On that same day, August 3, the
“competitors” started their “struggle” with the regime. On that day, well known
events happened in Kharkov, as a result of which the “oppositional bloc” was
not registered for local elections. In view of this, the political project
identified with the tactic of “saving Ukraine.” They too are creating
themselves the image of fighters. It is noteworthy that all possible aid in
this is being allegedly provided by those who hated them, the Nazis.

The puppet theater of Karabas-Barabas is in action when one
puppet is changing the others and scenic opposites are behind the scenes
becoming faithful allies. Such a theater is created by Washington in Ukraine.
Now, by plan of the owner, the time has come to finish another act of the
tragedy “Ukraine is not Russia” and move on to the next.

Instead of an epilogue. Here I saw the underside of a modern
political cuisine of Ukraine, where there were old dishes covered with enamel
in the form of a new Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine. She is very well
fitting into the new political realities. The Committee clearly sees a place
which is soon to be vacant, and it is seeking to take it. Can you blame it for
that? I think not. The members of the committee, named but even more so those
unnamed, are in fact sincere in their actions. They can’t any other way and
don’t want to. This is how they lived their long political lives: they betrayed
without sentiments, sold, bought, and bid without paying anything.

It seems to me that last fall they committed violence against
themselves, not seeing for themselves place beneath the sun. And as soon as
space appeared, they quickly ran back into the light, elbowing competitors and
giving everything for the fight against fascism.

P.S. To my direct question to one of the leaders of the KSU on
the topic of what to do with the Nazi bandits and the children camps for the
raising of neo-Nazis once they [the KSU] came to power, I got an evasive, but
such an eloquent answer: “After all, in the times of Yanukovich we fought with
them, and we will fight with them further.”


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