Why can’t the UAF Mobilize? Defeats and Maltreatment


August 31st, 2015 – 

Politnavigator  – translated for Fort Russ by Soviet Bear – 

The UAF military defeats in Donbass, and the Ukrainian people’s attitude to the participants of the ATO, led to a dramatic decrease in the number of people willing to fight. This opinion at a press conference in Kiev was expressed by Nikolay Kolesnik – the curator of the territorial defense battalion “Krivbas”, who has been in the cauldrons twice— first in Ilovaisk, and then in Debaltsevo.

“We all remember the queues at the military recruitment stations, when everybody wanted to go to defend and to fight the Motherland, said Kolesnik. — Where are these queues now? These queues were killed in the cauldrons. They were killed in DAP, they were killed in Ilovaysk. They were killed in Debaltsevo. When people receive summons from the recruitment stations, do they watch TV? No, they look at their neighbors, their friends and acquaintances. And they see how the injured are treated, how families of the victims are treated, how ATO guys struggle to get their medals”.

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