Yatsenyuk will flee the ruins of Ukraine because “it’s not his historical homeland”


August 18, 2015


Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski

Kolomoysky owned TV channel “1+1” showed a government meeting, where Yatsenyuk sensationally responded to the statement of a minister that “we have to live in this country.” He blurted out: “Ukraine is not my historical homeland and I don’t intend to live here.”

According to the channel, the prime minister frankly stated at a cabinet meeting that “after resignation he will immediately leave the country,” and journalists have noted that he “has increasingly begun to show signs of hysteria and apparently intends to prematurely resign.”

Indeed, the reasons are clear – in only the first half of this year, Ukraine’s GDP has collapsed 15%, although the worst forecast of the IMF only predicted 9%. The net outflow of investments for only the first six months of 2015 amounted to approximately $3 billion, and investments amounted to a billion – this is less than in any year in the history of Ukraine.

Prime Minister Yatsenyuk also admitted on channel ICTV that the control of state corporations and the national treasury has been passed to the West. Earlier, several foreigners had been appointed as ministers to the cabinet of Ukraine.

In the US, Yatsenyuk, “remarkably” addressed and explained everything to representatives of US investment circles, who later quoted his words on Facebook: 

“We will be glad to see you as investors who will acquire Ukrainian state companies.”

As they say in social media, “this is a unique nation of Maidanites (they are already not Ukrainians, but a separate biological species) which is the only in history to have fought not for freedom and independence, but for the possibility to be given into slavery.”

We think everybody knows about how Europe has proposed that Yuzhmash stops producing rocket technology and starts making … dog collars. But in the end the news agencies report: “Ukrainian citizens have begun to shoplift as a result of the deepening economic crisis” – acting as the “leaders” of such theft “are pensioners, who are secretly taking vegetables, sausages, and meat.” This is European integration!

Well if the economic Euroeintegration for which the Maidan took place didn’t happen, what about membership in NATO and a visa-free entry into the EU? Who cares who died and for what when such derban [grab/snatch/seizure/appropriation – tr.] is going on?

Well, there’s no wonder. Especially not against the background that the head of the CIA has come to instruct the special services of Ukraine, the Pentagon – the Ukrainian military, and Yatsenyuk is not at all ashamed to recognize that “Western inspectors” will oversee every state service. And how the Prime Minister went to the businessmen, threw up his hands, and said that Ukraine “had to accept” the simply horrific conditions of the IMF in order to receive credits – remember? And what about the 47% shadow economy?

By only the first quarter of the year, the economy had contracted by 17.2%. With the hikes in prices for everything and everyone, the real incomes of the population have catastrophically diminished, people are being literally impoverished and are miserable. In less than the past half year, inflation in Ukraine has increased by 10 times. By the end of the year, the IMF, seeing such “successes,” will forecast an inflation of 46%, but “the government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk was able to beat the record,” – says the press. The press reminds that “at the present time, Ukraine is actually living on the verge of default,” and trust in the banking system of the country is equivalent to the trust in…Nigeria.

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