2015 Invasion of Europe. The Balkan Route. Part 3

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September 8, 2015

Darya Aslamova

Komsomolskaya Pravda

Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

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“Great” Hungarian wall

Serbian-Hungarian border. I stand in front of an imposing fence four meters high, which should stretch to 175 kilometers. This is the infamous Hungarian wall tasked to protect Hungary from the invasion of immigrants. It’s not completed yet, and refugees cross the border every night.

At the “great” Hungarian wall, which Hungary is building to defend from the invasion of immigrants

“Strange feeling, – says Veronica, an employee of the municipality from a small town of Asotthalom. — I never thought that my country will live behind barbed wire. But you don’t know which side is the prison.”

Wall is entangled in NATO barbed wire type “razor”, which easily cuts the skin.

“All the major NGO’s protested,” – says Veronica. “Yes, there may be victims,” – I agree, picturing the struggling and bleeding refugees in the night in a rugged steel grip.

“You see,  poor wild animals can suffer,” – explains Veronica, and I was surprised to look at her calm face, suspecting irony. But no, no irony. “The local boar and deer have already bumped into the wall, she says with concern. — Can indeed get cut”. “Yes, they can. Well, people will still find a way out, — I say. — Make tunnels or cut out holes”.

“Enough to buy a good Swiss army knife in the store, – says a member of the Hungarian Parliament from the party “Jobbik”, Marton Dyendeshi. — The wall is not an obstacle. If the immigrant traveled thousands of miles to get to Europe, it will not be a problem for him to walk around that wall or buy a knife. Maybe not immediately, but immigrants will find a solution. They are everywhere in Budapest. In public parks they sleep on the grass. We don’t know what they suffer from, what viruses they bring with them. This is a real disaster! Two years ago the number of applications for asylum did not exceed two thousand. And this year, by late July we already received a hundred thousand applications! We have no infrastructure to cope with such an influx of people! The EU doesn’t want to talk about the real problems. Bureaucrats from Brussels are talking only about the economic and social reasons for a new migration. But if we want to see the root of the problem, we must understand that the main reason is the foreign policy of the West. Intervention in North Africa and the Middle East, the destabilization of countries such as Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya. And this is only the beginning. We still do not know how many migrants will come to us from Ukraine, if it is faced with collapse and economic catastrophe (and it is only a matter of time). Europe is still talking about multicultural policy, about tolerance, about the rights of refugees. But the EU is like a patient who does not know that he is sick. 

For Hungary all of it is frustrating. Hungarians never had a colonial past. France and England are paying for their crimes. They colonised the Eastern people, and now their former slaves are back and demand compensation. But we have nothing to be ashamed of”.

“Are you sure you have nothing to be ashamed of? Listen to the story of Dr. Ahmad from Libya”. 

Hungarian customs officers are looking for refugees in cars at the border

“No one is innocent!”

I met Dr. Ahmad (that’s what he called himself) at the Serbian border town of Kaniža, cafe Venice. I immediately drew attention to this son of Africa with a dark shiny face and thick, protruding lips. A mask of African God. He slowly drank the coffee and smoked a cigarette, and I looked at his hands, large, beautiful, with such precise, terse movements. Hands of a surgeon. And I guessed right.

I introduced myself and we struck up a conversation. We talked about the “fashionable” and “unfashionable” wars, that all the refugees assure local authorities that they are from Syria.

“Fashionable” war! — sarcastically laughed Dr. Ahmad. — Well, you’re right. Europe does not want to hear about refugees from Iraq and Afghanistan. They are willing to plug their ears with cotton wool! But they are even more offended by refugees from Libya. Because France and Britain were bombing my country. Now they turn away from us!

They say, we brought you democracy and you couldn’t enjoy the fruits of freedom! You, Libyans, should be ashamed for deceiving our expectations. I confess, I too was a fool. There was euphoria when we overthrew Gaddafi. My son was an enthusiastic boy and admired the revolution, but he died”. 

The face of Dr. Ahmad remains calm when he speaks about his son. Muslim fatalism and restraint of a resident of the East. 

“I have two daughters. We fled to Egypt almost as soon as the chaos began, leaving the grave of her son. I’m a doctor, but couldn’t find a job at my level in Egypt. There is competition everywhere. They don’t like outsiders. Don’t want to tell you the boring story of my wanderings. In Europe I hope to confirm my diploma. I have a good English. Maybe I’ll get lucky”. 

“But the locals are in a panic from the invasion! I say. — Greeks, Serbs, Hungarians, Slovaks, Czechs say they didn’t deserve it! It’s not their fault that the entire Middle East and North Africa are drowning in blood.” 

“Really! – exclaims Dr. Ahmad, and yellowish whites of his huge African eyes fill with blood. — I have no issues with the Serbs. FOR NOW. But Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia — are NATO members. Yes, they didn’t bomb my country, but don’t they pay money to the military budget of NATO? Don’t they send their soldiers to Afghanistan and Iraq? They will not be able to avoid punishment. NATO flushed the entire Middle East with blood, and now a weak Europe, which gave the power over itself to the American Satan, will be destroyed. Our women will give birth to children. In five years the face of Europe will change completely. I’m not happy about this. I respect the great European culture and don’t want to see mosques instead of churches. But it will happen. It is a punishment. Inshallah!” 

“The blame will have to be shared by all”

“He’s right, your doctor! — suddenly cried Marton Dyendeshi, a member of the Hungarian Parliament from the party “Jobbik” when I told him the story of Dr. Ahmad. — Hungary is a member of the EU and NATO. And when the organization is pursuing an aggressive policy to destroy Syria, Tunisia, Libya, Iraq, we must not remain silent.

We must say to our allies: “Listen! It is against the interests of Europe and against the interests of our country!” Yes, we did not participate in the bombing of Iraq and Syria, but our silence — is our fault.

I still think we made a huge mistake by joining NATO. On paper, we entered into a defensive alliance. In practice, Hungary is a member of the aggressive offensive organization that is destroying the Middle East and provoking Russia in the situation with Ukraine. The leaders of Europe — are either fools or traitors. Although, when from Wikileaks you learn that even Merkel is under permanent surveillance by U.S. intelligence, we understand that most of the leaders of the European Union can be the object of blackmail.”


Živadin Jovanović

Živadin Jovanovic, former foreign minister of Serbia belongs to the people who clearly see the connection of the past with the present.

“A new destructive wave of migration is the consequence of the imperialist policies of the West, he said. — It all started in Serbia, after the destruction of Yugoslavia and the NATO bombing of Serbia. Here the first step was made towards the attack on Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq under the pretext of combating terrorism or protection of human rights. America has always pursued a policy of chaos, which gives her the control over natural resources, strategic lines of communications and the traffic of people, drugs, weapons.

Consequences have been devastating for Europe, but the EU is not so much an ally of the U.S. as the opponent. That’s why America has forced the EU to participate in all the military operations sponsored by the US since the war against Yugoslavia. In fact, the Europeans are fighting against themselves. The attack on Libya was a barbarism, a symbol of which was a terribly brutal murder of Qaddafi. Now we got a huge uncontrolled territory with anarchy. The war in Libya has exposed the face of the West — selfish and neo-colonial. We saw France, suffering from an inferiority complex, which has long lost its prestige, and Sarkozy, aspiring to the role of Napoleon. We saw Britain, which has a huge colonial historical experience, but lacks the military power. The British are often the instigators of conflict, trying to combine the ambitions of the former Empire with American might and power. And now the British, and the French chant that something has to be done with immigrants. But we are dealing with a classic boomerang effect.

Yes, immigration bomb exploded, but the causes of the explosion are different than it seems at first glance. We get the young, educated men with money. All the trendy hair salons in Belgrade are packed with people from the Middle East. They bring bins of clothes to expensive dry cleaners. It is absolutely clear that someone is helping them financially.

The police have already admitted that among the immigrants there are extremists. All the police can do is to take their fingerprints. We are facing the so-called “sleeper terrorists”. When needed, they will “wake up”, and Europe will be plunged into a wave of terror”.

*Part 4 coming soon*

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