2015 Invasion of Europe. The Balkan Route. Part 4


September 8, 2015

Darya Aslamova

Komsomolskaya Pravda

Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

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Panic in the Balkans!

Migrants pass the border from Greece to Macedonia

Macedonia. The country declared an emergency. Total chaos on the Greek-Macedonian border. The police blocked all the crossings and is installing the barbed wire. Refugees began a siege. Police had to use tear gas and call for help of the army. Refugees block the rails, which interrupted rail service between Greece and Macedonia. Thousands of people have assembled in the neutral zone. Macedonians accused the Greek police for inaction and trying to push the foreigners out of Greece.

Migrants from Iraq rest on the street. Presevo, Serbia

Serbia. The government talks about a humanitarian crisis. There are already about 80 thousand refugees and only a couple thousand spots in immigration detention centres. Although the refugees themselves do not want to stay in Serbia (this is a known trick to announce the intention to seek asylum, but not file an official application), but the tightening of control over the Hungarian border puts them in an impossible situation. The first Serb died from the West Nile virus.

The group of migrants from different countries resting on the side of the road after crossing the border of Serbia

Croatia. Immersed in the summer tourist hassle, Croatia suddenly woke up and panicked, only to discover that the refugees are trying to cross the Serbian-Croatian border. Which is logical: on the border of Croatia and Slovenia (Schengen area) there are dense forests, through which the Gypsies used to guide the Chinese. And beyond Slovenia begins the wealthy Austria, and there is no border between them. In Croatia there are a lot of “useful idiots” from among neoliberals who urge fellow citizens to open their hearts and homes to the Middle Eastern immigrants. Neoliberal newspaper “Jutarnji List” has already offered where to place refugees in beautiful Croatia: empty military barracks in Pula, Varaždin, Karlovac, in Dalmatia. And even in an abandoned palace Esterházy near the charming Iloca.

But a small, private Croatia itself had survived a shock recently, when in Cairo a month ago ISIS terrorists kidnapped a citizen of Croatia and cut off his head. The photograph was published on the Internet, where 30-year-old father of two children was holding his own head in his hands. You can understand that the alleged invasion of outsiders brought the local population to hysterics. Recently a meme appeared on the Internet: 

Branislav Djordjevic:

“Forget Europe, which you once knew, — said the director of the Serbian Institute of International Politics and Economics, Professor Branislav Djordjevic. — Europe is clenched by the Muslim geopolitical pincer: from Spain, Italy and the Balkans. Even in Bucharest, where there are practically no Muslims, Turkey financed the biggest mosque in Europe.

Recently Victoria Nuland visited the Balkans, and said in an interview: it will take the US 5-10 years to defeat the Islamic state. I’m ex-military. To destroy ISIS, we don’t need time, but determination. You have to ask, who benefits from the chaos in the Middle East? Just count how many people in the US work in the military-industrial complex. Directly or indirectly. Count the members of their families. And how many voters support them? For the military industry to grow, you need to spend the already made weapons. And you need to test the new. You can’t just keep producing. This is the biggest industry in the world. Bigger than gas and oil. And another question: does America need a strong Europe?”

“Of course not, I say. — So after all – who is the main culprit?”

 The saddest thing in the profession of journalism, is when asking a question you already know the answer, and you know why the interviewee is unable to answer directly. Dr. Branislav Djordjevic, Director of the Institute, which is frequently visited by the ambassadors of the European Union, is cautious in his comments. 

“Big Brother is watching all of us. You know his name. Why do you ask?”

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