A Syrian in Europe on the Refugee Crisis and its Causes


September 25th, 2015

By: Samer Hussein, for Fort Russ – first published on Center for Syncretic Studies social networking  

* Samer Hussein is a Syrian living in Slovenia. A law graduate, he has a vast interest in history and geopolitics, particularly of the Middle East.

Pre-war Aleppo

Myself Syrian living in Europe, I often get asked by various people what i think of the refugee crisis. 

I will say the following: 

First of all, I am a bit worried about all those non-Syrians carrying fake Syrian passports. There’s people from all over the world entering European soil as Syrians (even Africans, Asians and east-Europeans among them). Nobody knows who these people really are and what are the causes for their arrival. Of course, it irritates me to think that there could be hundreds of non-Syrian badly mannered people, criminals, terrorists, rapists and murderers that are carrying fake Syrian passports and are thus introducing themselves as Syrian citizens to various European authorities. 

Which means of course, that should any of these people commit a rape, a murder or an act of terror our community would immediately be labeled. Our community in Europe is small, but known to be very well integrated into society.

Now, as regards the refugees who are indeed Syrians, there is one very important thing that we need to ask ourselves: why are these people migrating? Are they economic migrants, are they terrorists on the run (according to the unnamed syrian intelligence sources there should be about 4000 terrorists from ISIS alone hidden among the refugees and most of these are not syrian either), or are they just people fleeing war and have fled as this was the only choice they had left, indeed? 

I’ve seen hundreds of cases where people who used to live in cities like Idleb, Hasakeh and Aleppo simply had no choice but to go. I will explain how this happened and why: their quarters became surrounded by ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups, surrounding them from all sides but one (which usually was a tiny road leading to Turkey). 

Lots of people actually went to Turkey against their will. They simply couldn’t flee to the safe, army-held areas as they would have to cross the dangerous areas of cities, controlled by the terrorist groups. So, in order to avoid their possible and likely death they decided to leave for Turkey. At this point I must tell that most people who are now suddenly coming to Europe in these waves of refugees have actually lived in Turkey for the past 3-4 years. 

The Turks, however, have suddenly decided to kick them all out and are slowly forcing them to leave and ride those “death boats”. Ironically, it was also the Turks who forced these people to flee Aleppo (and other places as well). Let’s not forget how the Turks orchestrated the terror incursion into Aleppo back in July 2012. How they looted 1300 factories located in the Aleppian suburbs, how they destroyed Aleppo’s very well developed pharmaceutical industry (out of formerly 114, there are only 12 pharmaceutical factories left in Syria). 

It is therefore highly hypocritical to blame the refugees, but not to blame the Turks who are the main root of this problem. Turkey let the 200,000 through the border. It was also the Turkish government that was pressing on certain Syrian Muslim Brotherhood members of Turkmen background (remember, the violence started with the brutal sectarian execution of Nidal Jannoud, an Alawite delivery man) to start the violent riots. 

At the same time, there are already tens of millions of muslims living in Europe. Considering how many of the Syrians, coming to Europe right now are college/university graduates, I don’t think they will be more difficult to integrate than the muslims already living in Europe, not to mention that not every single Syrian that is coming right now is a Muslim. 

There’s also some Christians and even more Yazidis among the people who are arriving. These people are not fleeing because they would love Europe – they are fleeing because of ISIS. Many even tend to keep away from the Muslim refugees as they distrust them.


What can be done so that we will stop seeing such things in the future: Stop supporting the political powers who fuel the violence. Protest or vote the parties who are seeking a different solution for Syria. A lot of Europeans are bitching about the refugees, but at the same time keep voting for parties who maintain very strong ties with Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

And for all Hungarians: If you are a Jobbik member or even just a supporter, then you have absolutely no right to criticize the presence of any Syrian civilian, passing through your land. The thing is is that your political party and your beloved leader, Gabor Vona are among the facilitators of violence and terrorism in Syria. 

I will now, once and for all, explain why: your party holds pan-Turanist ideology. Your leader is frequently meeting with the Turkish Grey Wolves (he even has a photo while holding the grey wolf “devil horn” sign, no kidding) who are responsible for smuggling thousands of terrorists to Syria, most recently Uyghurs. 

There are over 3500 Uyghur families living in Idleb alone. With the help of the military wing of the MHP party aka Grey Wolves, thousands of people were evicted by force from their homes and taken to Turkey against their will! So, if you want to stop seeing Syrian refugees on your soil, then tell your beloved leader to stop supporting the people who export terrorism into Syria. we have an irrefutable material proof that your Grey Wolf friends are indeed smuggling and coordinating the terrorists from various Turkic and even non-turkic lands into Syria. 

Since you claim to be a pro-Palestinian party that is frequently talking about the Naqba, then maybe you should also focus on the Naqba of Idleb, that is not only a more recent problem, but was also caused by your Turanic friends from Turkey.

Idlib in ruins at the hands of Turkish and Saudi backed death squads and terrorists


Myself, I come from the Syrian coast, the birthplace place of hundreds of young men who die each day as martyrs, defending their motherland. They all had the chance to leave the country but didn’t, for the sake of their and our own lives and the Motherland.

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