A Truck with Tomatoes Broke into Crimea Through a Graveyard


September 22, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Finding a bypass road, the driver took the risk to take a multi-ton vehicle to bypass the roadblock

The media diverge in their assessment of the motive for the risky move – a drive through Chongar cemetery could end in a tragedy for a semi-trailer. Some have reported that the reason was despair for the loss of perishable cargo – the truck carried tomatoes, others point to the driver disagreeing with the ideas of the siege masters DZHEMILEV and CHUBAROV.

“Attack of tomatoes, – wrote an eyewitness on Facebook, – A truck with tomatoes past the cemetery in Chongar on a country road broke through to the checkpoint”.

Moskovsky Komsomolets writes, referring to employee of the border crossing “Armyansk” that in one hour from the Ukrainian side “passes” one truck with cargo, whereas previously there were 5-6. The publication explains this by the desire of the groups that organized transport blockade to capitalize – supposedly the trucks are allowed into Crimea for bribes.

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