About that famine in Crimea — yeah, right!


One week after the blockade there is still the same amount of groceries and the prices haven’t budged. 

Ronald Zonca

September 28, 2015

Translated from French by Tom Winter 

Our fourth letter from R. Zonca, on an extended visit in Crimea.

During a morning conversation with a babushka in my neighborhood, she told me of her concerns about roadblocks at the border with Ukraine, stopping trucks carrying food to Crimea.

Russian media had reported on the eve of the vote, by the Rada in Kiev, on a law introducing this intention of starving the inhabitants of the peninsula. The initiative stemmed from former representatives of the Crimean Tatars.

A visit to the bazaar helped me realize the limited impact of this measure. A week after the beginning of the blockade, there is still the same amount of goods and prices have not gone up.

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The acme of stupidity is that the blockade mostly hurts the Kherson market gardeners because now they can’t sell their produce in Crimea.

Furthermore, half of the bazaar stalls are run by Tatars who do not appreciate this initiative that is supposedly on their behalf. Tatar leaders’ collaboration with the Nazi occupiers during World War II is the origin of the unjust deportation of an entire people. Obviously, the Crimean Tatars have become very cautious about their representatives and have no further wish to be drawn into adventures. Moreover, they note improved status, in recognition of their ethnic group, since the Crimea again became Russian.

Already, during the interruption of the water supply out of the Dnieper-Crimean channel, many Tatar gardeners have had to give up the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, which was their livelihood.

Messieurs Chubarov Djemilev, it would be a better thing for the good of your people if you were to stop trying to help the West destabilize your region. You have been banned from Russia, and therefore from the Crimea, for incitement to hatred and preparing riots. Your antics in Turkey during your pseudo-congress did nothing to change people’s feelings towards you. The current leadership of Crimean Tatars have reminded you of their legitimate existence and that you represent only yourselves.

Tatars have lived together for centuries with the Russians in Crimea and don’t need advice from across the Atlantic to keep on doing so.

Westerners (read the US and its vassals) have proclaimed for  Crimea, an embargo as severe as their embargo on Cuba or Iran. We can only note the resilience of the people in the face such aggression.

Not accepting the choice of a people and, therefore, turning off the water or intending to starve a population are acts that dishonor the human race; this falls under the heading of barbarism, and not of civilization.

The shadow theater that bears the name of UN is constantly mumbling through its puppets about human rights. For its 70 years, this institution should actually act on human rights and condemn, finally, those countries that flout the most elementary humanity. Water and nourishment should not be the means of putting pressure on people.

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