Afghan-Kosovo Mafia Migrant Smuggling Ring and More Refugee Chaos in Macedonia (Video)


September 14, 2015

By I.N. from Macedonia

Illegal Migration in Europe – Migrant-Pioneers

First of all I would like to go back to the origin of the problem – where it started, how it had developed into the monster which it is today and to get to the core of the problem.

I will start with the 9/11 and the invasion of Afghanistan by NATO forces. Two years after that occupation of Afghanistan the very first migrants (at the time they were called properly “illegal immigrants”) started to arrive and transit through Macedonia. At the time it was strange to see Afghans and Pakistanis in our state, and although they were in small numbers, they were visible and people started to wonder: “Who are these people, what are they doing here, where they are going???” Soon the people realized that they are trying to get to Europe (EU) to claim asylum since their countries were NOT on the list of safe countries. The pro-US (populist government) in Skopje at the time saw this beginning of the migrant flow as a chance to try to get closer to the US by faking a story about stopping terrorists on the way to EUROPE.

Take a look at this story from BBC:

Macedonia faked ‘militant’ raid

Macedonian officials have admitted that seven alleged Pakistani militants killed in March 2002 were in fact illegal immigrants shot in cold blood to “impress” the international community.They said four officers in the security services had been charged with their murder, while former Interior Minister Ljube Boskovski may also face charges.

At the time, the interior ministry said they had been killed after trying to ambush police in the capital, Skopje.

But a police spokeswoman said they had in fact been shot in a “staged murder”.

The Macedonians were apparently trying to show the outside world that they were serious about participating in the US-led war on terror, officials say.

“It was a monstrous fabrication to get the attention of the international community,” Interior Ministry spokeswoman Mirjana Kontevska told a news conference.

Questions asked

When the incident was reported more than two years ago, it was claimed that a new front had opened up in the war on terror.

The Macedonian interior ministry said the seven men of Pakistani origin were killed after opening fire on a police patrol with machine guns.

Mr Boskovski said the dead men had been planning attacks on vital installations and embassies.

But questions soon began to be asked about the authorities’ version of events.

Now the public prosecutor’s office has brought charges against officers involved in the case and has asked parliament to waive Mr Boskovski’s immunity from prosecution.

The former interior minister denies any wrongdoing.

Gunned down

Police spokeswoman Mirjana Konteska told the Associated Press news agency that the victims were illegal immigrants who had been lured into Macedonia by promises that they would be taken to western Europe.

She said they were transported to the Rastanski Lozja area, about 5km north of Skopje, where they were surrounded and gunned down by police.

“They lost their lives in a staged murder,” she said.

Ms Konteska told AP the investigation was continuing and more suspects could be charged.

If convicted, they face between 10 years and life in prison.

This story proves that this migrant invasion started more than a decade ago, but then nobody was writing about it because the numbers were small. (By the way,  that former interior minister is in prison for that case).

So after 2010 the problem began to escalate. I was seeing Afghans, Pakistanis, Iraqis at the Skopje bus terminal (in the capital) being hidden by the smugglers on a daily basis, and to be fair, our police was catching them and deporting them back to Greece. But some of them were part of the smuggling network. I have witnessed a couple of times migrants been taken off the bus because they did not have proper papers. The Macedonian and the Serbian police were trying to tackle the problem in the early stage and they did that successfully. Some of these migrant-pioneers applied for asylum in Macedonia and Serbia. At the time nobody knew why, but after a while the reason was clear (Ali Baba’s mafia).

Europe looking for the smugglers….They are on it’s doorstep

So if you wondered what the term ‘pioneer-migrant’ means, you will find out in this second part.

One of the very first Afghan migrants have set up a smuggling network from Turkey all to the way to Serbia. They had boats and equipment to transport migrants to Greece and from Greece. Other members of the mafia will wait for them, charge them and send them to Macedonia, where the infamous Ali Baba (an Afghan national) was stationed at his headquarters at the village of Vaksince (100% of the its population are ethnic Albanians) right next to the Serbian Border. Ali Baba’s associates were the former members of the Kosovo Liberation Army (which was created and backed by the US and NATO). Finally the story broke on Channel 4 News and police had to take action (video):,AAAAAEabvr4~,Wtd2HT-p_VhJQ6tgdykx3j23oh1YN-2U&bctid=4278209492001

The “ Peaceful ” Migrants….

In recent reports in the western media we have seen how the migrants have been mistreated, beaten, abused by the governments and security forces of the transit countries. So I felt in some way provoked by this mainstream media to try and flip the coin and to show the other side of the story.

First of all I would start with the Greek – Macedonian border, where thousands of migrants are arriving on a daily basis. As you are aware Greece is going through the worst economic crisis in its history and it’s overwhelmed with migrants. The situation on the Greek islands is critical. Thousands are arriving and more are on their way. The Greek government can’t handle this crisis, so the easiest option for them was to stop fingerprinting and making security checks. Instead the migrants are directly transported to Thessalonika and Athens, from there the Greek government is taking the migrants with buses north to the Macedonian border near the most southern Macedonian town of Gevgelija which has a population of around 15,000 people. 

In the beginning of this crisis the number was much smaller and most of the migrants were peaceful, but at the time they were entering illegally and, as advised by the Greeks police, heading straight along the railway tracks, along their path there were dozens of reports about migrants breaking into people’s cottages and weekend houses. They even vandalized a holy site near one of the train stations, throwing underwear and trash right next to the Orthodox icons and the holy water spring. 

The Macedonian and Serbian governments, seeing the intelligence information about the large numbers of refugees stationed in Greece and the large numbers of camps built near the Greek-Macedonian border, passed a law according to which the migrants will have a 72 hours transit visa and all hell broke loose. 

The first violent incidents occurred. The Macedonian police has been stoned by the angry migrants, not once, not twice but on daily basis. None of the mainstream media reported about this incident: 

As you can see from the media there’s no sign of the Greek police, an EU member state. It seems that the migrants are controlling the Northern Greek border. A state within state.

Instead the mainstream media reported only about the incident when the Macedonian police used tear gas to disperse the groups that were trying to enter the country. That’s what every border force should do, but let’s put that aside and look at the facts. 

According to the sources in the Interior Ministry, the police attempted to let women and children and families first, so they can get to the train station and avoid the riots, fights and clashes between the migrants that where happening at the Gevgelija train station. That was not well received by the migrants since 80% are military capable men, many of them former fighters in the Syrian Civil War. They attempted to break into the country by force, starting a riot and clashing with police. Afterwards when the situation calmed down and most of them were allowed in, some of the migrants were saying with laughter to the local media that they can’t be intimidated by tear gas since they were using tanks, machine guns, bombs, artillery in the war in Syria. Tear gas is joke to them.

The next stop is the previously mentioned town of Gevgelija where migrants where boarding the trains, buses, taxis, in order to get to Tabanovci border crossing with Serbia.

The town looks like the judgement day has arrived, its apocalyptic landscape covered with trash everywhere. All of the parks and public areas are occupied by the migrants. Old shoes, clothes and garbage are all over the place, the whole town smells of urine. The residents are saying that their town has become like a s***hole. 

Since the national railways provided six trains per day for the migrants, the train station of Gevgelija was converted into a ‘boxing ring’ for the migrants to show off their muscles, trying to get on board the trains. There were numerous clashes with police and between the migrants themselves. Once a police officer was stabbed with a knife in his back by a Syrian refugee. There were countless fights and clashes between them using knives, clubs, sticks… 

They are robbing themselves. It’s common knowledge between the migrants that the Syrians are the ones with more money, so very often they are robbed by the Afghans and Pakistanis who are considered the most violent and the most aggressive. 

Another myth in the mainstream media is that the migrants are not being given food and fresh water. But none of the mainstream media reported the “Red Cross incident” where the migrants were refusing the food because it is from the Red Cross and was not up to Halal standard.

There’s been cases where the Red Cross and leftist activists were giving them food. When the migrants got onto the train they would throw away the food through the windows. 
This has been reported by the railway workers and volunteers. It’s worth mentioning that the same thing happened in Serbia and recently in Hungary.

As I am writing this, there are around 8 000 migrants on the Southern Macedonian border, and more are expected to arrive in the later hours. Now many of them encouraged by the German welcoming policy are acting like they are Germans, demanding to enter immediately. They are impatient, even more aggressive than they used to be, and are constantly shouting “Angela Merkel”. The situation on the Southern Macedonian border is getting out of control.

More reports from Macedonia coming soon…

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