Analyst: US’s Military Options in Ukraine are Ruined


September 3rd, 2015 – – translated for FR by J. Arnoldski – 

American political commentator for Salon
magazine, Patrick Smith, believes that the US has failed in Ukraine, and that
such was inevitable after the coup that Washington orchestrated in Kiev last

The chaotic Poroshenko government is too weak
to be an effective weapon of the United States at Russia’s border, Smith
writes. The President has exhausted his political capital, and now he faces a
real threat in the form of an uprising of right-wing forces which nobody can

Until recently, members of the party “Svoboda”, who glorify
Nazi collaborators, occupied the posts of Vice-Premier and the Attorney
General, and it is not surprising that Poroshenko has called recent events
“a stab in the back.” In his opinion, even if the Ukrainian President was
able to maintain some sort of balance, the issue would continue to haunt him.
The Neo-fascist regime could become the result of twenty years of Washington’s
efforts to tear Ukraine away from its roots, and it will be even more damaging
to the transatlantic relationship, already overshadowed by the Ukrainian

And of course, the analyst is sure, Western
media only blames Russia and generates tons of lies. Without exception, all
major American media and the majority of European media have frankly deceived
their audiences for a year and a half.

Paris and Berlin prefer to work with Russia in
the framework of the Minsk agreements, eliminating the US from the process and
thereby directly with Kiev, and they have, as of late, clearly accelerated the
pace of diplomatic efforts, the columnist for Salon writes.

On the one hand, Europe sees that Washington
is not quite retreated from imposing a military solution to Ukraine and
training the Ukrainian armed forces. Joe Biden communicated neither with the
French nor the Germans last week, but only with Poroshenko in order to support
the fight against militias in the Eastern regions. On the other hand, Europeans
understand the critical weakness of the government of Poroshenko. Even before
the riots at the building of the Ukrainian Rada, in Berlin they couldn’t help
but see the threat posed by “Svoboda” and “Right Sector”.
Merkel and Hollande must act now if they don’t want to miss the last chance to
reach a settlement in Ukraine, the analyst believes.

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