Are Russians Fighting in Syria? [video]

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September 2nd, 2015

Fort Russ Team

Are Russians Fighting in Syria?  This can mean three things – the Russian government sending soldiers, individual volunteers and experts who ‘only’ happen to be Russian, or something in between. 

Both Flores and the Saker‘ explained that the Russian government was likely not sending soldiers.  

Hours after their Sept 1 statements, RT released an official statement confirming that this was Russia’s official position. 

Videos on liveleak and youtube are surfacing which seems to indicate that at least ‘some kind of Russians’ are fighting against ISIS and alongside Syrian Army formations.  

This footage is from the important port city of Latakia, Syria. 

A translation from 2:03 to 2:30 of the video is provided below:

2:03: ”Давай!” – Give me/Come on!

2:06: ”Бросай!” – Throw!

2:10: “Ещё раз! Ещё давай!” – Once again! Do it again!

2:30: “Павлин, павлин, мы выходим” – Peacock, Peacock [callsign], we are moving out.”

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