Armenia-Azeri “frozen conflict” re-ignites

Paravakar village. Four killed, three injured by shelling of September 24

Someone has not given up the intention of kindling this conflict …

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September 26, 2015

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter
Translator note: Our source has two reports, one before, one after, the photo gallery. The second, dealing with civilians, I have put first.

September 24 and on the night of September 25, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces violated the ceasefire along the border more than 260 times, along Armenian positions. There are dead and wounded among the civilian population.

The shelling took place from small arms of various calibres, the SALT-96, heavy machine guns, mortars of 60, 82 and 120 mm, the RPG-7, SPG-9 and AGS-17, RZSO TR-107, as well as the ZSU “Shilka”.

The bombardments were along the entire Armenian-Azerbaijani border, hitting the Armenian villages Paravakar, Berdavan, Noyemberyan, Dovegh, Barekamavan, Kochi, Voskevan, Baghanis, Voskepar, Kirants, Berkaber, Sevkar, Aygehovit, Vazashen, Inner Karmiahbyur, Aygepar, Movses, Chinari and Azatamut of the Republic of Armenia.

Attacks by the Azerbaijani armed forces in the border village killed 83 year old Paravakar Paitsar Aghajanian, in the village of Berdavan, 94 year old Shushan Asatryan, and 41 year-old Sona Revazian. Also in the village Berdavan three civilians were wounded. In the shelling of the village Berdavan private houses and the House of Culture were hit. In the town of Noyemberyan 4 projectiles exploded, due to which children were evacuated.

Response of the Armenian Armed Forces was immediate. In response to the shelling of Armenian settlements of Tavush Marz by Azerbaijan, Armenian Army soldiers took out at least five enemysoldiers. As we know, five other soldiers of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces were injured, two of them are in serious condition.

According to our information, in addition to human losses, the Azerbaijani side also lost a combat post opposite the Armenian village Paravakar,which was destroyed by the impact of mortar fire.

Also there were bombardments throughout the whole Artsakh-Azerbaijan border. The Shahumyan, Martakerstkomu, Askeran and Hadrut regions of Nagorno Karabakh were fired on. The enemy was silenced by return fire.

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Shrapnel pieces.

In recent days, the situation has become aggravated in the line of contact between Karabakh and Azerbaijani armies. Someone has not given up the intention of kindling this conflict and putting it in the way of a burning confrontation.

Ngorno-Karabak Republic (NKR) Defense Ministry: For the first time since the armistice, Azerbaijan used 122 millimeter howitzers, D-30 (30 rounds).

According to the press service of the NKR Defense Ministry on September 25, and on the night of September 26, the opponent violated the ceasefire regime about 100 times. Approximately 1000 round total were fired in the direction of Karabakh positions.

Azeri armed forces, along with the small arms of various calibres used 60mm caliber mortars (about 16 rounds), 82 mm (about 28 rounds) and 120 mm (2 shells), RPG – 7 (1 round) and AGS -17 (about 30 shells ), TR-107 (about 12 projectiles). The shelling was also conducted with the SALT-96, heavy machine guns, grenade rifles of the type SPG-9, as well as the ZSU “Shilka”.

Victims among the Armenians.

The names of 16 wounded.
Arkady Armenovich Muradyan, Harutyun Norikovich Tovmasyan, Karen Sasunovich Vartanian, Vanik Avetikovich Martirosyan, Tatul Ashotovich Poghosyan, Sergey H. Eloyan, Khachatur Ayrikovich Papikyan, Yasha Arkadievich Bagdasarov, Arman Armenakovich Stepanian, Narek Sarmenovich Tarumian, Karen A. Yeremyan, Safar Arsenevich Safaryan, Vurg Agasevich Galstyan, Razmik Khachatryan Norikovich, Sedrak Ovsepovich Gharibyan, Hayk Hovhannisyan Ovanesovich.

Recall that on September 25, at 17:30, the Azerbaijani side fired on a foothold stationed in the north-east armed forces contact line of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic and Azerbaijani military units. This bombardment used rocket-artillery systems made in Turkey of the type TR-107. As a result of the shelling, servicemen of the NKR Defense Army Norayr Khachatryan (born 1995), Robert Mkrtchyan (born 1995), Harout Hakobyan (born in 1997) and Karen Shahinyan (born in 1997) received fatal shrapnel wounds.

Losses, Azerbaijan.

The Azerbaijani side suffered losses during the fighting in Karabakh. On September 25 the Karabakh frontline there were heavy and bloody battles.

According to the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, during a skirmish soldier of Azerbaijani Armed Forces soldier Elshan Mammadov was killed. Three other Azerbaijani soldiers were injured by shrapnel.

It should be noted that the Azerbaijani official structures often ignore the real losses in the army: the death of the military often become known only from messages from relatives of the victims.

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