Assassination attempt on Interior Minister Avakov by Volunteer Battalion Commander Foiled in Ukraine


September 11, 2015

Blogger Twower @Live Journal

Translated by Kristina Rus

SBU website reported about thwarted assassination attempt on the Interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov:

The security service of Ukraine together with the Chief military prosecutor’s office thwarted the assassination attempt of the Minister of Internal Affairs and a number of other assassinations in Kiev and Kharkov.
In a special operation law enforcement authorities discovered a criminal group, which was preparing the assassination of high-ranking representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the people’s deputy, volunteers and businessmen.
In Kharkov today one of the organizers of the group – the head of the battalion “Sloboda” – was detained.
The investigation in the framework of criminal proceedings opened under article 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine is ongoing, searches were conducted at the place of deployment of the units of the suspect and his place of residence.

The head of the battalion “Sloboda” is Andrey Yangolenko, a former member of Kharkov “Berkut”, who in the spring of 2014 along with his brother turned to Avakov with a request to form a battalion “Kharkov-1” and “Sloboda” [ukr: “Slobozhanshina”] to fight against “separatists”. For “successful action” in Volnovakha and Mariupol he received premium personal weapon from Avakov. According to an interview, this citizen “successfully fought” more in his imagination than in practice.

Photo from 2014: left of Avakov – Yangolenko; right – Yangolenko’s wife – Inna

Volunteer Kozhemyako shared more details about the impending murders and posted the wiretaps of Yangolenko speaking to some killer, where these individuals are discussing how to better shoot unwanted persons.

In light of this it is amusing to read an interview of Yangolenko about the path of a true Ukrainian patriot:

– At 14 years old my brother and I joined the Kharkov UNSO [Ukrainian National Self Defense], helped our brothers in Transnistria — so since that age I have experience of participation in a war.

– And how did it happen that in that environment you and your brother became patriots?

– Our grandpa, Kotsyuba Stepan Danilovich, from childhood instilled a love of Ukrainian traditions.

– Did you read that DPR is allegedly fighting, including, for the memory of the Great Patriotic war, for their grandfathers?

– Whose grandfathers are they fighting for? We are fighting for our grandfathers. And they – unclear for what. They are thugs, goons who rob, rape, stab and kill.

– How do you see your life, when the war is over? What would you like to do further?

– I believe that we need to get rid of units such as “Berkut”, “Griffin”, PPS – and give these functions to our battalions. To make it like in America – a special unit SWAT, which storms, and does antiterror, and patrols. We would fully occupy these niches. There was such a statement, and I think if Arsen Borisovich [Avakov] said, that he will do it, he will. And the backbone of the new units will be our battalions.

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