Bandera pirates launch Crimean blockade from the Black sea


September 29, 2015 

Ukrainian nationalists will rob not just food trucks on the border with Crimea, but also ships in the Black sea.

The “Right Sector” decided to establish control of the sea borders of Crimea. Press-secretary of PS Artem Skoropadsky, as former resident of Sevastopol called for a total blockade of Crimea, including by sea. Ukrainian nationalists got these ideas from merchants whose access to the peninsula was recently denied. 

According to unconfirmed data, businessmen developed a new shipping route through the sea. There is no sea connection between Ukraine and Crimea, therefore the plan is to rent barges without the automatic identification system which will be towed to neutral waters and greeted by Crimean tow ships. 

Bored militants, sitting at the border crossings, where they have not seen any trucks for several days decided to turn to boats to intercept food barges. Loud proclamations and calls do not guarantee execution of the plans, however some experts do not exclude that on the eve of local elections nationalists could undertake several such actions to attract attention. 

In essence we can talk about modern piracy on the previously calm Black sea. Officially Kiev authorities will distance themselves from the these actions at sea. In this regard any action directed at intercepting marine traffic by private boats with use of violence or a threat of such violence can be interpreted as piracy. The land bird feeder is clearly insufficient for the appetites of Ukrainian nationalists, and Ukraine itself is gradually turning into Somali, with all the ensuing attributes. 

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