Blockade of Crimea Promises Big Profits to its Organizers


September 22, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Selected speeches of Semyon Semenchenko about the blockade of Crimea translated into human language:

“Initiated by the civic society commercial blockade of Crimea should be supported and legalized at the legislative level.” – informed the deputy of the faction “Self-help” Semyon Semenchenko from the border of the occupied peninsula with mainland Ukraine.

 (For a small fraction in this racket, I presume to legitimize this mayhem, which was organized by the suckers of Crimean Tatars Dzhemilev and Chubarov).

He said that now at the border together with the MPs there is a platoon of veterans of battalion “Donbass”, who set up a tent city at the border 

(I would have flushed them in the ATO zone, but there is a ceasefire and there is no extra money in the budget for hungry fighters. Why not use them?)

“In the tents you can get information materials, we are now organizing warm meals for the participants of the action”, – he said.

(This circus is here for a long time, and the sheep must be fed and kept warm, so they don’t scatter as in the case with a declared blockade of Transnistria).

About the purpose of stay of the MPs at the location of blockade, Semenchenko said that they came to research the situation and help to properly organize socio-economic connection between the mainland Ukraine and Russian-occupied Crimea.

(Arrived to assess the potential profits and the scope of this racket and to agree on the stakes).

“The problem is that every day, about 500 truckloads entering Crimea bring transit cargo from the peninsula to Russia”, – said Semenchenko. 

(Actually I don’t care where it goes, but it’s important that I’m gonna make some money from it).

In addition, he noted that the supply of goods to the occupied Crimea helps the so-called Prime Minister of Crimea, Aksenov to maintain the illusion of socio-economic prosperity on the peninsula.

 (The main thing is draw for suckers in Ukraine the illusion that the blockade of roads is capable to influence something in Crimea).

“Local activists tell us – we are willing to endure, to eat radish from the ground so that our other brainwashed residents understand the real situation”, – said the MP.

(That’s a little exaggerating – local activists willing to suffer! Even the three cripples led by Lisa “Black Urine” Bogutskaya get extras from Kiev. However, they are patient – so let them wait).

The MP noted that on the border with the peninsula the atmosphere now is similar to Maidan, the rise in social activism is felt.

(Maidan, Maidan, Maidan – must not to forget to repeat the word – some suckers still have the reflex).

“Our goal is to direct this national spirit in legislative direction. More than eight months ago we’ve written together with Yegor Sobolev and Yaroslav Markevych the bill – it is discussed in the expert circles, we have already received recommendations from Donbass-SOS community, and it was considered in the parliament “, – said the people’s deputy.

(I’ve spent nearly a year with the same bums from Verkhovnaya Rada trying to grab the feeder).

This document, according to Semenchenko, proposes to resolve the socio-economic relations with the occupied territories in the interests of the Ukrainian state, and not in the interests of the aggressor and individual oligarchs, but at the same time to prevent the development of a humanitarian disaster in the territories controlled by the Russian Federation. 

(Meaningless and chaotic set of letters to divert attention).

This is how to translate into human language the long story told by Semyon Semenchenko, who for the last two years have perfected his con-artist skills.

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