BREAKING: US drones strike Syrian Army, blame ISIS

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September 11, 2015 – 

RusVesna – 

Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski

“US drones attacked Syrian army”

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) of the US Air Force struck Syrian government forces on September 10. This was stated by the senior representative of the Syrian military. He pointed out that this attack was disguised as an air strike by militants of the Islamic State, allegedly using a captured MiG-21. 

Syrian journalists successfully found out which captured military equipment is being talked about. 

On September 9, a group of terrorists successfully managed to take control of the military air field of Abu al-Duhur, which, according to media reports, housed several MiG-21 of the Syrian air force (see the photo report of RusVesna). Supposedly, deserter-pilots from the Syrian army fighting on the side of the Islamic State used these planes to attack Syrian government forces and residential areas at Carnac, near the city of Hama, on September 10. 

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The air strike caused numerous casualties among the civilian population. 

The Syrian military has commented on the situation. 

According to a Syrian air force colonel, militants of the Islamic State successfully managed to capture the military air field. However, no current equipment had been there by the time, as everything was previously transferred to other air fields so as to avoid seizure by the terrorists. Regarding deserters who are fighting on the side of the Islamic State, the source stressed that in most of such cases, militants force military personnel to move to their side, grabbing and threatening harm to their families and loved ones. 

It can also be concluded that militants of the Islamic State physically could not carry out air strikes on the positions of the Syrian military. Besides this, it is known that the CIA and special forces of the United States are waging a secret campaign to destroy suspected terrorists in Syria. This, in particular, is argued by the Washington Post.

Citing anonymous US officials, the newspaper writes that the CIA and Joint Command of Special Operations are implementing a joint program of drone flights over Syria. The secret program means a significant strengthening of CIA intervention in the war in Syria.

According to the statements of high-ranking military in Syria, it was drones, and not “terrorist MiG’s” which attacked the Syrian army. This is not the first time that US forces have struck the Syrian army, hiding behind the Islamic State. 

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