Can the EU learn from Russia how to solve Immigration Woes?


September 4th 2015 – 

PolitRussia – Translated for FR by Soviet Bear –

The EU should learn from
Russia how to resolve the problem of refugees. This was said at a
briefing on Thursday by the official representative of the Ministry of
foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Maria Zakharova.

“I would like to remind you the numbers, concerning
those efforts that Russia has taken on hosting more than 900 thousand people
from Ukraine. Over 400 thousand were classified as “refugees”. These
people received shelter, food, and money we have gone through and are going
through this, and all the international organizations that deal with human
rights do not have complaints about the Russian Federation “, — said
Zakharova (quoted by RIA “Novosti”).

“I think that Europe could learn from us
on this issue”, — said the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry,
the issue of displaced persons is not “theoretical” for Russia because it
knows from its own experience what it is.

According the EU Border Agency Frontex, since
the beginning of 2015 on the territory of the European Union 340 thousands
migrants have arrived to the EU nations. In Germany alone about 800 thousand
people are awaiting refugee status determination, while other countries, such
as Poland, by all means try to evade the admission of migrants from the Middle
East. To do this, officials invent reasons why they are allegedly unable to
place people fleeing from armed conflict waged in the Mediterranean with the
participation of European countries.

Experts estimate the current situation with illegal
immigrants in European countries as the worst since the Second World War.

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