Can we negotiate with fascists?

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September 25th, 2015 – 

РОДЖЕРС Александр for RusVesna – 

Translated for Fort Russ by Paul Siebert – 

Some of the classics said that all wars in the
world happen because people cannot agree on a single, identical for all, meaning
of words, and therefore, they do not understand each other. This is certainly
an exaggeration, but as with any other generalization
there is a grain of truth in it.

But still.

How can we come to
terms with fascists?!

Some of them we will
conditionally call “formalists,” for whom it is important that
everything is “in accordance with democratic norms and procedures”
and “freedom of speech” is observed. The fact that they are totally
divorced from reality uttering delusional gibberish is of no concern to them. Just
like the fact that Hitler came to power democratically.

The second type we
will call “symbolists” for whom it is important that above their
towns a rag of certain strictly defined colors is hanging or that everyone
wears certain (archaic) clothes, or has the same hairstyle. For them it is a
guarantee of happiness. When something is at odds with their ideas about the
ideal, they experience deep frustration.

We will refer to the
third group as “consumers” who are interested only in the assortment
and variety of sausages in the stores (and in their refrigerator too, although,
quite often, it is paradoxically of secondary importance).

For the fourth group – “idealists” – “justice” is important. But even this concept has
different, often opposite meanings for different people. I have to admit that I
also have my own notion of justice and fairness.

But how we can agree
on something with the types I have previously outlined ?! How can Progressives seeking
to facilitate space-faring civilizations and lovers of sausages find a common

What I can talk about
with an idiot who thinks that the highest manifestation of patriotism is in waving
a colored rag? His thought process is stuck at pre-logical level, at the level
of magical, typical of archaic human beings of antiquity, who did not belong to
major ancient civilizations such as Greek or Roman. Let’s face it – they are
savages. And if I start to explain it to them, they would not understand half
the words, although they are totally convinced of their superiority over all
sorts of “eggheads”.  

The fact of the matter
is that I somehow can understand all these types. And, if I wished, I might communicate
with each of them in a language they understand. But I do not have such a
desire anymore. Of course, I can scream with the mobs “Cops are dirty
bastards”.  But this is done by those
whom I hate and despise. And I do not want to be like them. They can rejoice at
images of blood-soaked corpses in Donbas and laughing at fried “Colorado
beetles”.  But I cannot. Even for the
Greater Good.

I can understand,
classify, arrange and calculate them. Because they are stupid and primitive.
They do not have complex motivations. Power, wealth, bimbos, self-assertion at
the expense of the humiliation of the weak – these are the limits of their

How can I agree on
something with them? Here is a primitive Evil. It is capable of making stilty pronouncements without understanding
the meaning of words and sentences. But it is uncapable of creating
something of value.

The last time the
Soviet NKVD and the Soviet people did not finish them off allowing these beasts
to survive after the war.  Those two
generations were waiting for a chance to revenge. They waited. And now they are
killing women and children. So, may reconciliation and forgiveness go to hell! I
want real justice for all of these beasts, and may no one get away unpunished
this time. Kill the fascists over and over again!

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