Confirmed: Depopulation Advocate Bill Gates spoke with Poroshenko


September 23rd, 2015 – 

SovRoss – 

President Poroshenko held a Skype conference with Bill
Gates, whose charitable foundation
has been supporting the fight against polio in the world. The press service of
the President of Ukraine reports that during the discussions Petro Poroshenko spoke
about the reforms in Ukraine and introduction of innovations.

Many of us remember the
words of Bill Gates: “Today there are 6.8 billion people in the world. The
population is rapidly approaching 9 billion. If we work hard on new vaccines,
health care, assistance in the area of ​​reproductive health, maybe, we can reduce
it by 10-15 per cent”.

The famous “patron of
the arts”, Bill Gates for many years has been involved in vaccinations in
Asia, Africa and Latin America. Now it is Ukraine’s turn. What has caused the problem
with polio in this country? Perhaps some light on this can be shed by Michael Saakashvili,
who at one time actively contributed to the organization of American secret
biological laboratories in Georgia.

Poroshenko is well aware
that the total amount of donations of the Gates Foundation is approximately $
40 billion. It is possible that he hopes that for a couple of billion dollars
he will be able to sell the population of the territory over which he rules for
experiments and utilization to the Western “philanthropists”.

Once we heard a cheerless
anecdote about Poroshenko’s offer to sell Ukraine to Obama. Obama replies that he
is willing to buy, but without the people. “Well, then you will have to
wait a couple of years,” – answers Poroshenko. 

But the longer Ukraine
lives according to the laws of the Maidan, the bigger is the sad truth in this
“joke”. We also have to remember the words of Margaret Thatcher that
in Russia it was expedient to leave the population no more than 15 million
people – to maintain ports, roads, and oil rigs. What is the number of people,
then, which is “sufficient” for Ukraine, according to the Western

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