Training Camps in Ukraine Prepare Crimean Tatar Islamic Terrorists for ISIS


September 23, 2015


Translated by Krisitna Rus

Back in June 2015 I received information that at the poligon  “Shiroky Lan” (Nikolaev region) they are training radical Islamists, including the Crimean-Tatar battalion “Crimea”. In August came the info that instructors there have a specific Arab appearance. Simultaneously it became known that the training at the camp follows the program of preparation of guerrillas-terrorists.

At first, I thought they were prepared for Russia for the fall of 2015. But here came more info that makes me look at it differently. Considering the temporary pause of the war in Donbass the “Islamists” are being prepared, at least partially, for transfer to the Middle East. To the aid of ISIS, now suffering defeats from the government army, in Syria and in Iraq.

All the militants have to pass through Syria on rotation. To obtain combat experience and improve coordination in a combat situation. Plus for now they are not needed in Ukraine.

The logic of the U.S. and their Kiev puppets is understandable. But how will Europe look at another base of an organization, recognized as terrorist by all EU countries, in the Black Sea steppes? Does anyone expect that this is the way to get closer to Europe?

An Islamist terrorist base on your territory it is always a pain in the neck for any government. Whether it’s Turkey, or … Ukraine. They are always the harbingers of war. We all remember how last year and this year, radical groups were trying to destabilize the internal situation in Turkey. And Kiev is the capital of two maidans and it is very likely that sooner or later there will be a third. But it will be joined by Islamic fundamentalists…

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